people have been asking whether i was going to do gift guides this year, and to be honest we are having a really small Christmas this side – our families on either side are getting so big that shopping for everyone becomes a really expensive affair. so mostly, we just try to keep things small and simple. yet i am still receiving harried texts and emails from loved ones asking – what do YOU want for christmas? it’s a tough question because i don’t really want anyone to buy me anything. give me a bag of christmas cookies and i’m good to go.

but, if you REALLY had to press me i would of course have a list a billion things long (i mean, have you read my blog? i like plenty of things). so perhaps you’re in the same position where someone wants to know what YOU want. if so, send them this list. there are 37 glorious items to pick from, including 10 pieces of ceramics because clearly i’m obsessed. i’ll also be adding a shit ton of good things to get to my Gift Guide 2014 board.

Miss Moss 2014 Gift Guide

from top to bottom – these are also all listed on my Gift Guide 2014 Pinterest board

ceramic coasters / letter necklace / perfume oil / tea-for-one set / bar hairclips / bird beak mug / myth bangle / cat earrings / portlandia cookbook / gold chair cover / great east plates / delicious monster ring / topography watch / marble sunglasses / rope cord basket / shampoo bar / golden weekends calendar / hot buttered bourbon cocktail set / sea sack bag / braided mug / hand-painted baggu bag / perfect look skin miraclemollie hook / chain earringsbook bag / artemis hair pin / bien fait blanket / baby sloth bowl / hemingway print / japanese drawing pad / black line pillow / lapis face oil / soap rocks / atelier stella vasestoneware neu cup / the pot bookmatisse cut-outs


  1. this list is amazing. i was planning to wait until my husband’s birthday but seeing the herbivore botanicals face oil on your list inspired me to go ahead and get their beard oil as a last minute christmas gift. i’m definitely with you on the ceramics. my house is FILLED with pottery yet i always want more. and somehow you can never have too many mugs, right?

  2. My Christmas wishlist has just doubled in size.. best gift guide I’ve yet to come across. Now I want the hair pin, book bag, Japanese drawing pad, black line pillow, rope cord basket, myth bangle and pretty much EVERYTHING else on your wishlist!!

  3. I own a set of the ceramic coasters, by Jaqueline Klassen. They’re stunning; I LOVE them.

  4. Heath Waller Reply

    Just wanted to compliment you on the graphic you created – it’s almost as lovely as the gifts themselves.

  5. I really don’t feel that life would be complete without owning a baby sloth bowl!

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