Gluta was a stray dog found on the streets of Thailand and nursed back to health by her new owner Sorasart Wisetsin, consequently making her the happiest dog in the world.

Gluta was a Thai female stray dog. She was brought to live in a dormitory. The owner of Gluta hoped that she would one day look beautiful, be healthy and cheerful again. But it was not that easy. Gluta was diagnosed with “cervical cancer”. She needed chemotherapy for cancer treatment and surgical laser for tumor removal. After one and a half years, Gluta gradually felt better, better and better. Her sad eyes turned to shine brightly with cheer like never before. Gluta is now fully recovered. And from now on, there will be only smile on her face.

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  1. Carla Swanepoel Reply

    Gluta!! Aaaaah man! She is stunning! Thanks for sharing her story :)

  2. Gluta looks so like a gem. And so happy and thankful. I see so many stray dogs when I travel and it always breaks my heart. Gluta’s owner is also a gem for taking her in. Great post, thanks!

  3. her bright eyes and sweet smile make me fall in love with her ,,, soo o oo pretty :D

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