Hackwith Design House has just released their all-new swimwear collection. there are currently several different styles of bikini tops and bottoms, as well as two full piece suits, in either black or white that you can mix and match to your liking. but probably my favourite part is that you can see the pieces worn by two different models so that you can get a better idea of how the suit might fit your body type.

HDH designs with the idea that women’s bodies are as diverse as their skills, talents, and accomplishments. Our swimline is no different, with designs intended to complement all unique body types, which is why we did product shots with a model who is a size 0-2 and a model who is a size 10-12.

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  1. How is this only just a thing? It’s so simple and so perfect – like they’re the first people to market something FOR women, as opposed to AT them, you know? I love it, amazing work HWD, not to mention the styles are lovely…

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