i’ve never experienced the kind of bitter cold that Canada and other similarly wintery places have to deal with, but something tells me that sitting in an ice fishing hut doesn’t appeal to me much.  when i saw this series by photographer Richard Johnson however, i started imagining what my own ice hut would look like… i probably wouldn’t use it for fishing though, perhaps just as a giant freezer? i can store a year’s worth of ice-cream in there.

Richard traveled across Canada comparing the similarities, and differences, of Ice Fishing architecture between provinces. the project is now in its 6th year, and he has photographed more than 650 individual huts.

As with its distant cousins the native Teepee and the Igloo, the Ice Fishing Hut has its own essential purpose. It must be weather resistant and transportable, giving basic shelter and access to the ground beneath it. These provisional shelters offer a colourful glimpse into the Canadian culture of Ice Fishing. Faux wood paneling, sheet metal, tarpaulins, peak roofs, modified camping trailers all fulfil the requirement for shelter.

Ice Huts by Richard Johnson
Ice Huts by Richard Johnson
Ice Huts by Richard Johnson
Ice Huts by Richard Johnson
Ice Huts by Richard Johnson
Ice Huts by Richard Johnson


  1. as a canadian and lover of photography, these shot right to my heart. what amazing little spaces! :)

  2. you might also like Scott Peterman’s photographs of ice houses. perfect viewing on a hot, summer day

  3. You should look at Ice Follies (http://icefollies.ca). It is an annual exhibition where artists make use of ice huts or build their own. I think that it’s a wonderful way to experience art in public space, especially in the dead of winter in Northern Ontario.

  4. Very cool… Yeah, I’m back home in Paris where the weather never seems to get TOO extreme, but a few days ago in Pennsylvania – oh my goooood, it is freezing there. I feel bad for my grandparents who have to go through it. It’s funny, this series makes me think of some pictures my grandparents have in their bathroom. Just like these, tall little houses by lakes… for fishing or something, I really don’t know.

    A year’s worth of ice cream sounds good. Can I visit?


  5. Woke up in the tundra that is Ottawa, Ontario today. These pictures capture perfectly how I feel stepping into my car every morning. Diana, you’ll have to come to Canada in the winter one day and experience it for yourself. The beauty of it is when the temperature goes up to around -10 with no wind, sun out and fluffy snow waiting for you to ski or snow shoe on in the woods. A true winter experience.

  6. I really love this series so pretty. Some of them are to the side and the playboy bunny one is hilarious. I have been to Canada and love it, but never in the Winter thank goodness.

  7. They all look like houses of characters from Wes Anderson’s movies

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