i discovered the work of Mary Laube through Buy Some Damn Art (where you can currently buy some of her original paintings). Mary was born in South Korea but group up in the states, where she received her BFA at Illinois State University. i find her work so graphic and interesting, an artist i would definitely add to my own collection if i could.

Every day we make countless attempts to memorialize our experiences. We snap photographs, collect objects from our travels, write journals, and spend hours re-imagining past events. As a society, we hoard precious objects in museums, build altarpieces, share funerary rituals, and canonize stories in books and theater. Through various forms of representation we can contain and preserve our understanding of the world. Attempts to construct knowledge are often romanticized abstractions of what we think to be true, resulting in a changeable fiction. For me, painting is deeply connected to this process. In my work I focus on the ideology that replaces lived experience by inventing flattened worlds that stand in for the irretrievable histories we long to preserve.

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  1. Beautiful compositions! The integration of wood grain and solid color is especially interesting.. The combination of the two look like abstractions of a rock formation, which are multifaceted objects, but then I associate the wood grain so much with being in an interior space that it could be a landscape.

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