hey guys! man, i’ve hit the ground running since returning from holiday. it feels great, and surprisingly good to be busy after 3 weeks of basically just lying around and eating. i’ve been taking photos of some pretty rad local places for something i’m working on, and rediscovering Cape Town as a veritable tourist. FYI: people treat you really nicely when you have a camera and they think you’re from out of town. or maybe that’s just south africans? well, you guys should come visit. it’s beautiful here.

onto those distractions.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 10

No Cities To Love

new song from Sleater Kinney featuring some of their famous friends. you can listen to the entire album here.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 10

Carrie & Lowell

of course Sufjan Stevens would release a trailer for his new album. it’s releasing 31 March. i’m excited!!

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 10

Kinfolk’s redesign

It’s Nice That chat to Kinfolk’s new creative director Charlotte Heal about the design process

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 10

New York winter from above

“People think of the city as bricks and glass and steel, but it’s really like an organism”

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 10


a new podcast from NPR exploring the intangible forces that shape human behaviour. already hooked.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 10

Song Exploder

a podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece and tell the story of how they were made.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 10

Faces: Laure Joliet

a nice series from Nixon

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 10

Cate Blanchett in Porter Magazine

*clapping hands emoji*

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 10

The Birds and the Bees

this is hilarious, cute and awkward.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 10

They fought like demons

women who dressed & fought as men in the US Civil War

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 10

Catacombs Club

vintage photos from a club in Cape Town in the 60s

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 10

City Ballet’s Fab Five

if you watch City Ballet, then read this.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 10

The truth about your smile

“floss more, brush less”

i wanted to address a comment that was left on yesterday’s post asking whether it was sponsored – and the answer is: no, not ever. i don’t do sponsored posts. everything you see here is something i have discovered, or have had submitted to me, and that i personally like and want to share with you. i have nothing against sponsored posts! they can be done amazingly well and i have personal blogging heroes who ace them. but right now they’re just not for me. that said, if i ever did one i would always let you know.

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  1. Another lovely round up!!! I worship Tavi, so that and the smooshy cats took the cake this week!

  2. Hahaaa these are so good. I instantly had to check out Tavi Gevinson on the Coveteur. I watched the birds and bees video via Brain Pickings and favorited it. And yes I think I have telephone anxiety, shaky voice and blanking out, but I’m like that every waking moment. Oy anxiety. Thanks for the joy, Miss Moss!

  3. Ariane Klassen Reply

    So I took the dive yesterday and got a (long) bob. My hair has been uber long for 4 years now… so it’s a big change but I love it! Also the motivating factor is that I am in fact coming for a visit to Cape town! I leave in 10 days from Toronto and could not be more excited.

  4. Talk about distraction! All of these links make for some great internet exploring. These are my favorite posts that you put together. So good!

  5. Awesome! I love how varied the midweek distractions are :)

    Speaking of women dressing as women and fighting in the civil war….the novelist Laird Hunt just wrote an incredible novel on the subject called ‘Neverhome’

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