i’m looking to broaden my online reading horizons – what are your favourite, possibly new or relatively unknown online spaces that you’ve been visiting lately? if you have a blog then this is the time to plug it! if i find interesting reads then i am most certainly likely to share it with you right here in a Mid Week Distraction.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 11

The Invisible Woman

if you’re a Bjork fan you need to read this before listening to her excellent new album.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 11

Mary Oliver & Molly Malone Cook

“Who is this I’ve been living with for thirty years?”

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 11

The New Health Rules

“100 actionable tips that will improve every aspect of our health”

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 11

It’s Only Natural

great list of natural alternatives for cosmetics & skincare

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 11terest-sex

Searching for Sex

what big data reveals and conceals about our desires, our bodies and our many insecurities.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 11

very Japanese

an interesting oval shaped house

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 11llustration-biztown

Business Town

“An ongoing project attempting to explain our highly intangible, deeply disruptive, data-driven, venture-backed, gluten-free economic meritocracy to the uninitiated.”

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 11

Exploding Kittens

of COURSE i want to play it!

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction No. 11


yes, this is a thing.


  1. I’ll be the first to shamelessly plug. I help run the website 1:1000 (www.oneforonethousand.com), where we publish 1,000-word stories inspired by photography (after the old adage “a picture’s worth a thousand words). The stories are the perfect length to read while you wait in line for coffee or for the train to arrive!

  2. These are great. I think I’m going to order The New Health Rules, not because it looks mindblowing or anything, but pretty and inspiring. And Hannah Jean’s blog might be my new favorite read. i can’t wait to get sucked into a black hole of reading her sometime in the near future.

    Do you read Sho & Tell? Her POV series is one of my favorite things.

  3. There are so many interesting pieces to be found online, architecture for dogs looks funny!
    Hannah x

  4. This is the best thing about Wednesdays. The Magic Surrounds blog is amazing!

  5. You should know that I love everything about your blog. And if there’s a chance that you find something cool, then I will too. It’s my daily cup of coffee. So, well done is what I’m trying to say.

  6. I just added several of these to my feedly. I will also shamelessly plug the blog my sister and I share – Unbound Process. We are both finding our feet in the art and film realms (respectively) and we talk about that, our travels, and feminist topics that tickle our fancy. Feel free to check it out!


  7. Hi Diana! I too would love to share my blog with you! Three years ago I started the personal project of reviving my grandfather’s garden in Northern California. I started a tumblr blog to share the growth and progress of the garden from seed to harvest. The blog is primarily photo based, but I share some words now and then. It is a bit quiet right now while we are in the winter, but come spring the blog will likely burst to life again, much like the garden. I hope you enjoy it! http://opasgarden.tumblr.com

  8. Oh, I would love to share one of the most enriching Instagram feeds . . .

    This Instagram feed is full of daily pondering of a life from Melbourne all delivered with personal illustrations.

  9. Your midweek distractions are some of the best finds on the internet! I’m going to check out some of these commenters too. I am hopeless at finding new/interesting/quirky things online, but in a shameless plug I will say that I have just started a new series on my blog: framed. More to come.

  10. What a find! I came via cup of jo. These midweek distractions are awesome! I love the NYT article on sex and deep-data-mining an the Merfest is fantastic.

    I do have a blog but just started in December, still getting the lay of the land :)

  11. Hello!
    I love your midweek distractions. Always such great bits. I’ll shamelessly plug my own blog here — I run youroldrsistr.com, a lifestyle blog dedicated to freewheelin’ tomboy vibes and modern-bohemian style.

  12. Excellent post Diana (I am loving this series: Too distracting! Too good!). And a result of it, I am now a backer to Exploding Kittens.

  13. Oh gosh thank you! That West Elm blog came just at the right time, I am apartment hunting in Milan and the only ones I can afford are 40 square metre places. The small living space tips they offer is giving a little bit of hope that I can make it work.

  14. Oh my gosh that story about Mary Oliver made me nearly cry. So so beautiful. THANK you.

    And Marco Pierre white? Totally hot! And aging like a fine red wine… :)

    Can I plug my insta account? As I’m horribly terrible about updating my blog…and my insta is just nice moments of living out in the countryside of Spain at


    Thanks Diana, it’s truly always a pleasure to be here


  15. Shameless plug for our blog Anna + Tam http://www.annaandtam.com . We are a London based photographer and stylist team and our blog features some of our collaborative work. We post photographs and stories about people and their interesting, quirky spaces.

  16. For some reason when I go to your site, it hasn’t updated since January 5th! I thought you were on a break and then found a link to this entry on Twitter. So, does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? Help! I miss my Miss Moss daily fix!

  17. My friend Rebecca has this awesome photography, slash, lifestyle, slash, cooking blog : rebeccagenet.com
    We run one together, where we document the evolution of the renovation of my apartment in Paris : thelifeofakitchen.tumblr.com
    And I make patterns and random posts on p-erhap-s.com

    Hope it’ll distract you :)
    I have such a nice time every time I pop by around here !

  18. I just found your blog today . . . and I must say I am a total fan! Everyone is raving about your mid week distraction and I can see why. I have a lifestyle blog, but I am looking to get into fashion also. I believe I just found my inspiration!

    Really great blog you have here!!

  19. My best friend and I recently started a style/fashion blog for women in their 40’s and 50’s! Would love to know what you think. StyleDementia.com. Thanks!!!

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