sometimes i like to imagine that Valentino create collections just for me. i picture the entire creative team sitting in their studio in Milan, saying – “you know, Diana hasn’t done a colour comparison in a while – things are looking a bit bleak over there. should we give her some inspiration? let’s throw everything we have at her! floral prints, landscapes, Ndebele, the GALAXY… she’s gonna LOVE this.” yep.

for their Pre-Fall 2015 collection Valentino collaborated with British textile designer Celia Birtwell and Italian Pop Artist Giosetta Fioroni. Birtwell contributed floral prints and embroideries inspired by Sandro Botticelli’s La Primavera, and Fioroni designed a heart motif stitched with the phrase “Your eyes are the eyes of a woman in love”. –

thus, an art vs fashion mash-up had to be done. who do you think actually get to wear these clothes – basically only rich & fabulous Russian ladies, right? i would give anything just to wear this for one day.

all runway images courtesy of all paintings courtesy of Bukowskis (credits at the bottom of the post).

Miss Moss: The Art of Valentino Miss Moss: The Art of Valentino Miss Moss: The Art of Valentino Miss Moss: The Art of Valentino Miss Moss: The Art of Valentino Miss Moss: The Art of Valentino Miss Moss: The Art of Valentino Miss Moss: The Art of ValentinoMiss Moss: The Art of Valentino Miss Moss: The Art of Valentino Miss Moss: The Art of Valentino Miss Moss: The Art of Valentino Miss Moss: The Art of Valentino Miss Moss: The Art of Valentino Miss Moss: The Art of Valentino

paintings from top to bottom: August Strindberg, Storm Landscape | Lev Feliksovic Lagorio, Moonlight Sealandscape | Karl Nordström, “Trädgård, Grez” (garden, Grez) | Anders Zorn, “Sol I Skogen” (Sun In The Forest) | Inge Schiöler, “Stenig Backe” | Peder Mork Mönsted, Romantic Scene From Fredensborgs Park | Anshelm Schultzberg, “vinterdag I Ludvikatrakten” (winter Day Near Ludvika) | Helmer Osslund, Cloudy Sky In The Mountains | Walter Hunt, “Rescued” | Torsten Jovinge, The Power Pole | Stefan Johansson, Landscape With Cloud | Helmer Osslund, “Regnbyn Drar Förbi” (Rainy Skies) | Gottfrid Kallstenius, Villa D´este At Sunset | H. Ahtela, Thaw | Inari Krohn, “Winter Night”

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  1. Ahem, if the fashion companies new what was good for them, you would be the one designing all of their visual concept art and release photos, it’s very obviously your jam and you’re incredible at it. :)

    These are stunning. I wish that A, I could afford them, and B, that I had an event that I could wear them to! The third-to-last dress (the Villa d’este at Sunset) – well, it makes me wish I had been born in a different time. Beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous. The two statues of the woman standing on a dragon and being grabbed by a Roman soldier fascinate me. What is going on?

    • Probably a statue of the Rape/Abduction of the Sabine Women or some such abduction story. And the painter thought it would be clever to have the Classical allusion overshadowing the contemporary courtship/seduction/whatever taking place in the grass.

  3. What made these beautiful dresses even more beautiful, are the well chosen background paintings to match each dress! Such a magical transition from haute couture to story book beauty! Great job!

  4. Vancouver Barbara Reply

    I just love looking at such beauty –the clothing, the paintings. The sum of the parts…etc. Thank you for posting this beautiful piece.

  5. Wow Diana, your mash-up is fantastic as always.
    But the dresses… I literally moaned while scrolling down :)

  6. Holy moly, I had to get my husband in on this one, and we both scrolled through in awe. I love Valentino, but you trumped both his dresses and the beautiful paintings with your amazing collage. This series is what got me reading miss moss years ago and I’m still amazed at your eye, love!

  7. there is something about these paintings/photos… I don’t know what it is, but I simply feel hypnotized… I am finding my self starring at these images and how wonderfully it blends with the background painting… its simply astonishing! wonderful art and fashion combined! its GREAT!

  8. I didn’t think this collection could get any better… Until I saw this post. Wow!

    This was my first time checking out your blog and I’ll surely be back. ;) x

  9. WOW!! this amazing and magic collection !! I admire each presented model !! bravo!!

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