you might wonder how i find content for these (now pretty popular) mid week distractions. well, they are all articles, posts, images, features or music that have distracted me throughout the week. i don’t specifically look for content, but rather bookmark the stuff that actually took up 5, 10 or even 30 minutes of my time at any given moment. they aren’t called distractions for nothing. i can pretty much gauge the productivity of the past week by how long these posts are.

i don’t want to be a bad influence, though. are you supposed to be working right now? go get yer work on first! and then return to Mid Week Distraction No. 14 with a nice cup of tea when you’re done.

Mid Week Distraction 14

south african school kids

aaaah, those uniforms! takes me back.

Mid Week Distraction 14

insider’s guide to Joburg

it really is a great city to visit

Mid Week Distraction 14

a tiny Russian village where everyone’s a tightrope walker

a tradition which began to impress the ladies.

Mid Week Distraction 14

Sew Wanderlust

embroidered landscapes by Teresa Lim

Mid Week Distraction 14

perfect pancake calculator

by mathematicians

Mid Week Distraction 14

banana art

“has mass a-peel”

Mid Week Distraction 14

A Review of Sex Naughty Sexy Film

“Overall, I would rate this movie Pinot Grigio 13”

Mid Week Distraction 14

Photoshop your dreams

send your dreams to Margaux and she’ll photoshop them.

Mid Week Distraction 14


enter your birth date and take a walk down music memory lane

and, a great Kanye + Beck mash-up by Arcade Fire’s Win Butler:


  1. These just keep getting better and better – thank you for curating them so well! Also – the February mix is amaze!

  2. Yeah, I’m supposed to be working. I should really stop looking at these when I should be working as they make time go veeeeery quickly.

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