i don’t know what it is with my recent obsession with sportswear. i am hopeless at sports and pretty useless at exercising, to boot. i recently attempted Kayla Itsines’ BBG and i managed one day. ONE day. but still, you know, i want to look COOL while i’m failing to exercise. and maybe a small part of me thinks that if i look great i’ll be more inclined to workout. isn’t that how it always goes? well perhaps i need to start listening to Outdoor Voices and get my ass into figurative – and literal – shape.

Outdoor Voices makes Apparel for Recreation. We take it as a given that activewear must perform, but we see it as a virtue that our clothing also looks good and fits well. We are Thinkers, Doers, Creators, Movers, Marathoners, Half-Marathoners, Enthusiasts, and, on occasion, Women & Men of Leisure. We are Active, but not defined by that Activity. Our apparel is made for paths, streets, fields, and beaches—pursuits that are unlikely to attract primetime coverage. It’s simple, really: Doing Things is better than Not Doing Things, and we make clothing for exactly that purpose.

bonus – they have stuff for dudes, too!

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  1. I am right there with you with a newfound sportswear obsession….maybe it’s because I just took up yoga and want to live up to my full California urban hippie potential. I want everything from this collection.


  2. You should stick with Kayla’s BBG! I wanted to quit after the first day too, but I stuck it out and am now on week 18! It gets better I promise, and the results are really amazing!!! I also promise I am not here to sell you the product haha :)

  3. Sarisha Perumal Reply

    Finally! Workout clothes that look comfy too, are these available at any South African stores?

    • no unfortunately not. Lorna Jane is good though, there’s a branch in Sea Point at The Point on Regent Road.

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