last week i posted this photo on Instagram without even thinking twice, which resulted in an unprecedented number of comments of women left and right chiming in that they, too, had this particular problem. i mean – we basically all want to look like French mimes, right? these aren’t even all the striped shirts i own you guys.

fact is a would buy another breton stripe to add to my collection in a nano second. when Everlane recently launched their new striped tees i think i actually started salivating at the mouth. unfortunately they don’t ship to SA. but one day they will be mine…

Stripes Stripes Stripes Stripes Stripes Stripes Stripes Stripes Stripes Stripes Stripes

Madewell currently has some great stripes, too! click on the pics to shop.

Madewell Stripes madewell2 Madewell Stripes

as does Need Supply Co – click on the pics:

need1 need2



  1. I love stripes! Love the first photo of striped tees collection and yes, I, too, also grew a little crazy over Everlane’s new collection of breton stripe classics.

  2. OMG THAT’S why I’ve been obsessively thinking about where I’m going to buy my next PERFECT stripy top this whole week! I must have scrolled past your instagram and oh boy did it stick in my subconscious. Drool.

  3. I love stripes too! I’m a big sucker for striped tees and striped socks.
    It’s that one pattern that’s classic yet a tiny bit whimsical at the same time :)

    • yeah it’s interesting that they didn’t want to go for the more classic colour combos. maybe they wanted it to be more unisex?

  4. I think I suffer from the same problem, partly because I haord even low quality stripes. I’d like to find a couple of high quality striped pieces and keep just those. These are lovely <3

  5. I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO HAD A PROBLEM! I am such a sucker for a striped shirt. Black and white or blue and white. Can’t pass one up!

  6. i am always on the lookout for a good striped tee, and they are definitely the things i wear out the fastest, year after year. love them! you have a great collection :)
    i agree with the comment above about being a little disappointed at everlane’s color offerings, and the fact that they’re unisex… i’m so small that unisex things just end up looking dumb on me. BUT j.crew has started offering their tees in petite sizes, and it looks like they have some cute options this spring!

  7. ooh, I am reading your blog after a little while – why the switch in format? it is SO much nicer not having to click fifty times each time I want to read a post, and to just be able to scroll downwards and see the older things you’ve posted. please go back!

  8. YES! I am also obsessed with all the stripes. Don’t have an impressive collection like you but I’m getting there :)

  9. Oh my so much clothes! Hope you can be happy with them!
    Love your style and blog

  10. Agreed, and I’d like to add… Edith A. Miller forever! Their Instagram is also the best thing ever. (Vintage stripes extravaganza.)

  11. I love it! Where are all of the stripe tops in your Insta photo from?

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