i blitzed through a book this past weekend (which wasn’t amazing, but has comparisons to Gone Girl – so if you’re into whodunits maybe give it a whirl) and the main character kept mentioning slipping into a “sexy black teddy” that her husband had bought for her. i couldn’t roll my eyes hard enough because, first of all, stop calling it a teddy and also the idea of someone buying a woman lingerie has always confused me. what if it doesn’t fit? what if it’s cheap and itchy? what if it makes you look like a weirdo? what if you just don’t LIKE it?

personally i think a woman should buy lingerie for herself, and everything else that comes with that is kind of just a bonus. so in the spirit of forthcoming Valentine’s Day here are some sweet lingerie sets that you could treat yo self to. and if that means also treating someone else in the process, yay!

Miss Moss: Treat Yo Self Lingerie

from top to bottom

1. Nahina | 2. Ohhh Lulu | 3. Toru & Naoko | 4. Marianna Giordana
5. Danielle Wood | 6. Eberjey | 7. Miss Crofton | 8. Angela Friedmann

PS do you know how dangerous it is looking for nice lingerie online? some of the stuff out there is SCARY.


  1. Oh loved this! I’m crazy about lingerie, and for me it’s always dangerous shopping online, not because it’s scary but for being that easy to wander around online shops and add things to your cart! :) These are so beautiful! Thank you!

  2. Very lovely pieces. I wholeheartedly agree, it always creeps me out that men buy this for their ladies. Too much of a shot in the dark since they have never worn women’s undergarments to know how they may fit (hopefully ;) I also used to work on the production team for a wedding magazine and had to source all sorts of products including lingerie and you are so right, it gets scary looking for lingerie on the internet haha

  3. I love pretty lingerie… but for some reason I’m not that willing to pay the price that comes with them!

  4. That little comment at the end got me giggling hahah! This is a great selection of lingerie, and you make a great point about other people buying someone lingerie – doesn’t make sense to me either!

  5. I agree with the buying women lingerie thing but what was wrong with calling it a teddy if it was a teddy?

  6. I just found this on pinterest :)
    Thanks for including Toru & Naoko. I’ve always loved your blog so happy to see my brand featured here!

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