wow, i feel like my biggest and only post these days to you is my mid week distraction. don’t get me wrong – i LOVE doing it. and i love that you love it. but i’ve found myself so busy with non-blog stuff lately that i’m neglecting this old bird… and that just WON’T DO.

i think i’m also in a bit of a blogging rut. i found myself lying face down on the bed the other day, groaning, wishing i didn’t have to look at my computer for one more second. i think i reached peak internet saturation that day. those days are rare, but when they come they are dismal. so it’s time to shake things up, sharp sharp. anything in particular that you’d like to see more of? or something in the archives you wish i’d bring back? besides these amazing distractions, of course. here’s another one.

Mid Week Distraction No. 18

the man in the van

a pro baseball player who lives in an old VW

Mid Week Distraction No. 18

life in the ashes

this is what happens to fynbos after a fire

Mid Week Distraction No. 18

aerial wallpapers

i’m using one right now!

Mid Week Distraction No. 18

Kindle cover disasters

made me laugh

Mid Week Distraction No. 18

surreal homes

by Matthias Jung

Mid Week Distraction No. 18

photo composition tips

great way to visualise it

Mid Week Distraction No. 18

analog memory desk

built-in scrolling paper surface = genius

Mid Week Distraction No. 18

planter bookends

of course!!!

Mid Week Distraction No. 18


turn YouTube into a music player

Mid Week Distraction No. 18

Black Pepper Tofu by Ottolenghi

made this last night – delicious and spicy!

Mid Week Distraction No. 18

an interview with Rachel Corry

she makes rad shoes.

Mid Week Distraction No. 18

Carousel app

insert your own photos into the iconic Mad Men Kodak scene

Mid Week Distraction No. 18

me & you

a short love story from above


what did David Bowie do at your age?

you probably don’t wanna know.

Mid Week Distraction No. 18

Google Feud

epic time waster

Mid Week Distraction No. 18

Kevin Bacon advertises eggs

i don’t know why, but makes sense.

Mid Week Distraction No. 18

Earl Sinclair x Hypnotize

not the mama, the big poppa


  1. Woah! That analog desk is genius. And changing my wallpaper to one of the aerial ones right this second.

    Thanks for the links, Diana! I look forward to this post every week.

  2. How sad… for a split second I thought it said Rachel Corrie (as in instead of Rachel Corry.
    I love the planter bookends! I must try that in my pottery class :)

  3. Ahhh so I just found your blog via Cup of Jo, but I can totally relate to the internet over saturation feeling. Since I work all day on the computer, being on the computer after work is not always appealing. Sometimes I can even get a headache from looking at the screen too long…

    But if I’m seeking inspiration for what to write, my favorite places to look are almost anywhere but the computer. (although articles in newspapers and pictures on Tumblr definitely do the trick sometimes.) I like to draw inspiration from things, places, and people throughout my day- a book I’m reading, a fun day at the park, a piece of art I’m loving, a place I’m daydreaming about… etc.

    Anyway, looking forward to reading more of your blog, and seeing where inspiration strikes you! :)
    -Lynn-Holly Fisher Wielenga

  4. I love your Mid-Week Distractions. more than any other of this kind in the history of the internet. really.

  5. Honestly, I love all that you do. I could very selfishly say “more art! more period dramas + current fashion/art/whatever mashups” but that’s just me being greedy. :)

  6. The Van Man article is FASCINATING! And the kindle cover disasters… oh my! My husband’s work always uses jokey gifs to title their projects (software engineers…), and he says he wants to contribute some of those to team.

  7. Hi Diana,

    I just wanted to leave a little thank you, expressing my gratitude for this amazing blog, and your authentic and dedicated way of curating it. Your posts always inspire me and enrich my life in so many ways, and I hope that we will be able to enjoy your work for many more years to come!

    Lots of love from Germany,

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