the first two links in this mid week distraction are related to cancer. i have had several close & dear friends affected by this absolute asshole of a disease in the past few months. some have just been diagnosed, others are battling through chemo, and some have lost their loved ones to it – devastatingly, and swiftly.

my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer around this time 4 years ago. she is now thankfully in the clear, but it is a constant reminder of how there is just no rhyme and reason to life sometimes. i find that when i am struggling with something i read and listen to a lot of things related to that topic, so if you notice some possibly depressing articles popping up in the mid week distractions you’ll probably know why! i think it’s good to hear people’s stories, and keep distracting yourself. let’s do it.

Mid Week Distraction No. 19

Diary of a surgery

Angelina Jolie writes about her decision to have her ovaries removed in a preventative surgery

Mid Week Distraction No. 19

Hair today, gone tomorrow

a touching story about the choice to wear a wig or a scarf during chemo

Mid Week Distraction No. 19

Before We Met

play by play correspondence detailing how Talia & Josh fell in love over email (before they even met!)

Mid Week Distraction No. 19

How Tim Gunn spends his Sunday

“A trip to the Met can be very emotional. There are paintings there that just lift me off the ground. I feel buoyant.”

Mid Week Distraction No. 19

Species in Pieces

interactive exhibition of 30 endangered species

Mid Week Distraction No. 19

Marco Marco

identity design that shows the ingredients in menu items

Mid Week Distraction No. 19

still really into barettes

Mid Week Distraction No. 19

Pork Store Cafe

a day in the life of a short-order breakfast cook

Mid Week Distraction No. 19

the no-recipe curry

i should make this tonight

Mid Week Distraction No. 19

70s Mixtape

perfect if you liked the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack

Mid Week Distraction No. 19


new Death Cab for Cutie. it’s like i’m in my twenties again!


  1. Thank you for sharing your struggles! It really does help to read and read and read- sending you all my best.

    Also, my friend Joe Rudko is the awesome Seattle artist behind that new Death Cab cover art! His work is really minimal and geometric– he might be a great artist feature for Miss Moss!


  2. I made the curry you featured last night, and it was truly wonderful. Thank you for sharing this and your lovely wednesday insight. I look forward to it each week.

  3. Jesus. Major lump in my throat from Before We Met. It’s like a history mirror. Reminds me so much of how my ex and I were before we got together and in those first few years…took many years more for him to become my ex, but the beginning was full of this kind of magic.

  4. Oh Jessie! I hope it brings more joy than pain. Thank you for spending time with our site. :)

    • @Talia Oh, it’s lovely! This is a happy sad, for sure. I’ve gotten two of my girlfriends hooked, we’re loving the anticipation of waiting for updates, it’s just like when you’re in the heart-eyes stage yourself and each new message makes your belly do a backflip. Mazel!

  5. The audio about wigs made me think about the time I went to my friend’s place. His mum was having chemo, and she had, in addition to scarves, an array of wigs – a couple of natural ones, and a couple of totally unrealistic fluoro-red bladerunner kind of styles. Anyway, the day I went around was wig-washing day! She did them all on the same day, and then hung them on the washing line to dry. And commented to me that they looked like guinea-pigs strung out to dry!

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