this may seem ridiculous to all my US readers, but i only just started using Spotify (with a little, ahem, help to access it from outside the US). i even found an app to mute those annoying ads! well, enough about my nefarious activities – can you recommend any great users to follow / playlists to fave / stations to try? i’m kind of lost as to how to navigate the rabbit hole that is streaming music. help!

as a fair trade, here’s a little distraction for your troubles.

Mid Week Distraction No. 21


how to grow older


Mid Week Distraction No. 21

Pipes & Drums

series about SA marching band members

Mid Week Distraction No. 21

Blossom Type

an alphabet made of natural flowers

Mid Week Distraction No. 21

flower wallpapers

the latest Dress Your Tech from DesignLoveFest

Mid Week Distraction No. 21

Self Control

an app that stops you from visiting distracting websites – even if you DELETE IT.

Mid Week Distraction No. 21


a tool that attempts to quantify the association between colors and words


  1. I am so excited you just got spotify! I am Maggie Clancy (I think you can search by name?) and not to toot my own horn, but I am getting PRETTY good at curating music. I currently make playlists per month and then dump my favorites on them. So glad you are part of the streaming world now!


  2. I can’t recommend following me, but I do recommend following Raymond Kutch. It’s a user profile, and if you can decode his playlist names, he’s got some great compilations.

  3. Follow my wife and I, it’s under KC Cherie. Yes we share it! And yes I add playlists all the time.

  4. The blossom type is especially lovely! great findings btw. Also, I’m sorry I can’t give you recommendation on who to follow on Spotify. It’s not available in my country, sad. Cheers from Indonesia!

  5. Spotify:
    Duquette Johnston
    jessie Baylin
    There’s a playlist called Goth Beach and it’s awesome swirly psychedelic rock and roll.

    Explore the “similar artists” tab to find new bands.

    And follow Washed out! he makes awesome playlists as of recently.


  6. You know what? I’d probably end up using that SelfControl app to stop myself from getting lost in your Mid Week Distractions. The content on your baby get’s better and better with each post – thank you!

  7. I follow him on 8traks, but my favorite is also on Spotify : mykal792

  8. Kia ora Diana – here are a couple, wait, three, pretty fun playlists:




  9. I just saw these today.
    I love the Nessie ladle. It works with today’s google doodle.

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