these kind of banners have become ubiquitous online, popping up on every party related Pinterest board (we even had one at our own wedding…) but what if you turn the concept around, and make the message something not so positive? that’s what 20 year old Georgie based photographer & digital artist Peyton Fulford did with her Abandoned Love project.

‘Abandoned Love’ is a participatory photo series in which I had people from all over the world (Australia, UK, USA) on Tumblr send me private thoughts, diary entries, text messages, etc to which I then created into banners and placed on abandoned buildings. This project was inspired by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher’s Learning to Love You More and Klaudija Visockyte’s Please Don’t Leave Me series; Also I would like to credit Anna Ladd’s things i told the internet but didn’t tell my mom because it is similar to this project, so if you like ‘Abandoned Love’ then you should definitely check out those projects too.

as a side note, i made one of these recently for a friend’s bridal shower – and it is tough work! i found myself without a printer (i can’t remember the last time i actually printed something!) and so had to draw and cut all the letters out by hand. i felt like i was at school again, using a ruler and everything. always feels good to make something with your hands though…

PS: thanks to Sarah for the tip!

Abandoned Love Abandoned Love Abandoned Love Abandoned Love Abandoned Love Abandoned Love Abandoned Love


  1. This is great, I love how they’ve decided to place it on abandoned places, gives a perfect emotinal and nostalgic note to the entire project!

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