i can’t thank you all enough for all your excellent book recommendations on the previous edition of MWD. i’m not exaggerating when i say that i downloaded a sample of every single suggestion onto my Kindle – now i have no excuse not to read anymore. but a funny thing happened while we were on holiday… i just couldn’t read.

even though i was in the perfect reading position on the couch (in front of the fire and under a blanket) i kept checking my phone after every few paragraphs: scrolling through Instagram, refreshing Twitter, going down my usual internet rabbit-holes. i tried to blame it on the book that i felt like i just couldn’t get into. eventually i just lay there thinking what is WRONG with me. i used to read voraciously, i would go to bed every single night and read before i fell asleep – i haven’t done that in years. or, i haven’t been able to do that in years. in the past 12 months i have only managed to finish 8 books.

then i read this article about why we can’t read anymore (haha! the irony that i am reading an article on the internet about how i can’t read anymore, while i’m trying to read, is not lost on me) which was a bit of a lightbulb moment  – and applies not only to reading, but to a lot of other aspects of my life. so, i feel like i need to retrain my brain, and give the iPhone a bit of a rest.

so, this might not be the best moment to offer up a Mid Week Distraction – but here it is anyway!

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction NO. 23

Why can’t we read anymore?

“Work on something important, brain itch, check email, dopamine, refresh,dopamine, check Twitter, dopamine, back to work.”

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction NO. 23


Garance talks about how everything online looks the same.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction NO. 23

Annie Leibovitz shoots the Star Wars cast

omgggggggggggggggggggg. more specifically watch the video.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction NO. 23

Weekly Mad Men Column

i don’t want Mad Men to end because i don’t want these reviews by Liz & LJ  to ever end.

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction NO. 23

Hahaha vs. Hehehe

“If I’m about to lose my marbles, I’ll use all caps, maybe an exclamation point”

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction NO. 23

Advice column from the 1690s

“What is the cause of the winds, and whence do they come, and whither do they go?”

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction NO. 23

Touch Pianist

play the masters on your keyboard. truly AMAZING!

Miss Moss: Mid Week Distraction NO. 23

Mozart’s first 3 pieces

…that he wrote when he was FOUR.


  1. I know this sounds extremely silly and maybe a bit scary, but I always think I would love to have you as a friend if we knew each other in real life. I love how honest you are in all your posts, you are such an inspiration and also super funny.
    I am sure you have the best friends in the world and I hope they know how lucky they are :)

  2. I LOVE these MWD complications- they are always so inspiring and well thought out~thank you! (P.S. one minor typo- I think you meant when Mozart was four but you wrote “when I was four” :) That would make you OLD)
    -Michelle Erba

  3. That Touch Pianist is fabulous!

    I love your Mid-Week distractions.

  4. Of course the first link I click is the cheese article. I refuse to believe that cheese is not good for me. I’ve tried to cut it out of my diet and it is always the most difficult dairy for me to give up. I will eat it whether science says it is good or bad because I know, deep down in my belly, that it is so good.

    I joined a book club as a way to encourage me to read more this year. In fact, I’m an active member of two at the moment. I, too, used to read a lot and then I just sort of stopped. Bookmarking the “Why can’t we read anymore?” to read later. Ugh, c’est la vie! I also need to check out the last MWD for book recommendations from your readers.

    Dee | http://www.daundra.com/blog

  5. Ahhh, that Mad Men commentary was the best! <3 <3 <3 Thanks for sharing. I'll have to remember to read it after the next couple episodes.

  6. “why we can’t read” fascinated me… i actually can read at night before i go to bed as long as i don’t pick up my phone to check instagram (i’ve managed to keep Facebook at bay. the longer i stay off, the easier it is to not want to look. simple, but it works for me). but i did relate completely with the exhaustion from flitting from one thing to another on the computer or my mobile device.
    i work at home which makes it even harder! it was really helpful to know that there is a chemical reason behind it all and i’ve not lost my mind… i do at times feel like a drug addict and i’ve been wondering if anyone else was feeling this way. it has been such a struggle! something i never thought would be a problem for me. relieved to know i am not alone in this. i fight everyday to stay focused and do the work i need to do! thanks posting the article!

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