remember that time i said i need more floor space for my rug obsession? oh yes, that was yesterday. well of course the internet doesn’t help my addiction. i guess it’s a good thing that i have this here blog with an endless amount of virtual floorspace to display all the rugs i like.

GUR began in 2013, inviting artists to express themselves using the format of the humble Portuguese kitchen rug. the rugs are all handmade with a traditional handloom by artisan weavers, and then embossed with layers of colours to produce the designs you see here. as you can see their uses are pretty versatile.

GUR can be the first place where you put your feet in the morning, a picnic with a friend or a frame in your living room. GUR focus on tradition, allowing to discover the expansion of artistic forms using traditional materials and techniques of the history and culture from Portugal.

you can see all the artist collaborations at their website and buy the rugs on Etsy.

Rug by GUR Rug by GUR Rug by GUR Rug by GUR Rug by GUR Rug by GUR Rug by GUR Rug by GUR Rug by GUR Rug by GUR Rug by GUR Rug by GUR Rug by GUR Rug by GUR Rug by GUR

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