above image and bags by Mansur Gavriel

i won’t hesitate to say that my Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag is one of my most prized possessions. but, i have only used it twice… okay maybe three times. i am SO scared of ruining it that it’s actually a joke! right now it is sitting inside its dust bag on my dressing table in my bedroom. every now and then i take it out, stare at it and caress it like i’m crazed.

then there are some of my other most cherished bags, notably these woven bags from Kenya that i use every single day. the large one that has become my de facto laptop bag (even though i have a more technical & suitable laptop bag, i really hate the look of them). these poor bags get beaten to a pulp, going with me everywhere, sitting on dirty bus floors and having coffee spilt on and inside them. but they are still going strong, and if they were ever to break i would get another one in a heartbeat.

so, you know, i don’t really need a new bag. but who ever needs a bag? well maybe you do – so here are some.

PS Mansur Gavriel have a bucket bag in Moss Moss!


  1. I’ve been dying to get a Bucket bag from Mansur Gavriel, but I’m one of the unlucky ones who never could get their hands on it! When I saw the Lady bag, I instantly fell in love but of course, sold out again! :( I adore the simplicity of the bags and crossing my fingers that I can get my hands on one soon!!

  2. Great question. Who ever “needs” a bag? haha
    I’m afraid I also look a bit crazy with some pieces I own, keeping them inside their dust bags or just staring at them. For example, a pair of fluor yellow pants. Never is the appropiate moment for wearing them!
    Love Mansur Gavriel bags, but they’re a bit expensive!


  3. So so much to love here!
    Really liking the canvas and mini bucket bag and the weaved one! ;P

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