i like having options, and Reformation gets that. most all of their dresses and skirts come in a variety of colours or patterns. i have the habit of buying one thing in all the different colours if it is a great fit, so i’d have to be careful if i ever got the opportunity to actually buy something from them. bonus: they have free worldwide shipping!

by the way, have you guys noticed that these are making a comeback?? i wore them in high school!

hadley layla thalia vine leandra lia naveen


  1. I love LOVE that Hadley dress. Unfortunately I have no idea how I can pull of that low plunge IRL! Haha

  2. Ita Darling Reply

    i have been obsessing over reformation pieces too! Especially because they use dead stock or Eco fabrics and have so many adjustable and versatile pieces that are youthful but not juvenile- sexy but not trying too hard. Will have to make an order in time for SA summer!

  3. LOVE reformation. actually wrote about their pieces on 3 chairs awhile back. there’s something so sexy and effortless and i’m-just-going-to-salsa-dance-the-night-away about them.

  4. Love Reformation! They’re a great fit for petite frames, too. I am swooning over the Layla dress.

  5. p.s. I am pretty sure I discovered Reformation through your blog last summer! Such a great find. xo

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