i have been following Kate Miss online, in some form, since forever ever. back in the day i got to know her through her old blog For Me, For You and she felt like a kindred spirit in a sea of lifestyle blogs – both of our day jobs are as graphic designers, we share similar taste in fashion and music, and we even planned our weddings and got married a month apart. also, i’m sure she gets just as many ‘Kate Moss’ jokes as i get ‘Diana Ross’ jokes.

Kate is also a wearer of many creative hats: she is a graphic designer, photographer and has a prolific jewellery line. she started making necklaces in 2009 when she couldn’t find any she wanted to wear. the best things always start that way, don’t you think? this is her latest collection, for Fall Winter 2015.

Inspired by stained glass windows, art deco, and Mondrian-like intersections of shapes, these necklaces are hand fused from wax and cast in bronze. Beads & pendants are hand-carved from wax by Kate and then cast in bronze and hand-finished by a local family-owned caster in Los Angeles.

the lookbook was photographed by Kate and modelled by Katie Wilson. you can purchase her necklaces at her online shop. also be sure to follow her on Instagram where you will no doubt fall in love with Wendy and June.

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Kate in her studio


  1. i’ve also been following kate for a while — these are such great shots! and HEAR YOU ME Diana, i’ve saved the posts from both kate and your weddings as bookmarks as guidance for my own maybe-possible-future-wedding someday. they’re my faves :)

  2. Omg, how have I never thought of your name being so close to Diana Ross? HAHA. Glad you feel my pain. Thank you thank you for the kind words, always a pleasure to grace your lovely lovely blog.

  3. I got one of Kate’s beautiful necklaces last year and have hardly taken it off! Such a favourite, her blog as well as her designs.
    And don’t even start me on how good the Wendy / June situation is!

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