hey guys! it’s been quiet here for a couple of days because i actually took the seemingly monumental task of moving the blog to a new host. i’ve been putting this off for years because i thought it would be the biggest drag in the world to do (moving 6 years worth of content is quite a thing) – but my new hosts made the process so easy. i’m thrilled. and, hopefully, everything is working fine around here! let me know if you pick up any bugs. *ladybird emoji*

i’ve been wanting to post about Pansy for a few days and now i finally can! it is the sweetest underwear line out of California, making simple undies from US grown organic cotton, locally made, locally sewn and all that good stuff.

Not so long ago, Laura Schoorl and Rachel Corry were driving from San Francisco to Santa Barbara for dinner with Rachel’s parents and got to talking. They had both been dreaming of the ideal underwear: minimal, sturdy, beautiful, locally-made underwear you can feel good wearing. They spent the next few hours of their drive imagining making the perfect underwear. It would be made entirely of organically grown natural fibers and sewn in California without a sweatshop in sight. It would be dyed without the use of toxins and made with lots and lots of love.

director & photographer Carissa Gallo shot a fun & quirky video for Pansy featuring real, untouched girls. i love it. watch it below, and check out the beautiful stills she shot as well. you can buy Pansy underwear at their online shop.

Director & Photographer: Carissa Gallo · Producer: Andrew Gallo · DP: Patrick Eggert · Prop/Studio: Rental Emily Katz · Hair & Makeup: Kelly Peach · Models: Ele Adams, Maya Smith, Laura Burke · Music: Alexander Search

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  1. I’m liking the minimal, organic cotton style, but I’m skeptical of how supportive the bra is or how visible the panty line is. Definitely looks nice for lounging around the house.

    • I totally agree. Looks more like loungewear than actual underwear. The shots where it’s bunching remind me of my underwear when I was 7 years old. Which kind of leads me to my next point, the un-sexy factor. Nice photography though…

      • well i guess the point is that everyone has different taste in underwear, and a lot of women will probably love these – but they’re not the kind of undies that are usually readily available. i can see myself wearing them under clothes, not just as loungewear.

        there are low rise undies, if you’re not into the high-waisted ones.

        (also, depends on your definition of sexy?)

  2. $40 for a pair of knickers? i’d love to own basics like this but those prices are way too dear :(

  3. Adrienne Tregre Reply

    I’m such a fan of your blog! I’m intrigued that you’re switching hosts. Do you mind sharing what your current host is?

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