i never appreciated coasters until i became an adult. as a kid they were as ubiquitous in my parent’s house as ashtrays (even though neither of my parents smoker – why is that?) but i never bothered to use them because i was just a terrible child – as all terrible children are. my mom would side eye me whenever i had a glass in my hand. now, of course, we own furniture that we have paid for, and if i’m not using a coaster i’m placing random slips of papers (bills) under my mugs and glasses. i am 32 and water stains are not cool.

but i hardly ever see cool coasters, do you? that’s why these Cacti Coasters by UK designer Clive Roddy kind of stopped me in my tracks. when you’re not using them as coasters you can assemble them into a cactus (or whatever your imagination might allow). buy them here. thanks Cath.

Cacti Coasters Cacti Coasters Cacti Coasters Cacti Coasters Cacti Coasters Cacti Coasters

here are some other coasters i like… oh and i use these coasters at home.


  1. That’s so funny! Yeah, water marks are not cool!! I love the cactus, but the pink stone too. I thought €1 per coaster was overpriced. But if they’re that nice looking, how can I help myself?!

  2. An additional reminder that for every household item there is a way for it to look cuter and cooler.

    My dad sawed off slices of a tree that a beaver took down up north and stained/sealed them to make coasters. Fairly simple and really fun to have around.

  3. ha ha ha yes coasters, they seemed so inconsequential in my 20’s now I am anxious on holidays lest the house sitter overlooks them…yes I’m talking about YOU red wine drinking Karl!

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