one of the saddest things about living in South Africa is that i can almost never partake in online shopping. all the stuff you see on the blog that i love so much? i can never buy it. it either takes 6 months to arrive, gets lost in our dismal postal system, or i get charged customs duties up the wazoo. so i feel like it’s your duty, dear reader, to buy these things for yourself and revel in their greatness. you can click on the images to be taken directly to the specific item.


a lovely new CMYK peony print

Nice Things No. 25


i love this minimalist furniture

Nice Things No. 25 Nice Things No. 25 Nice Things No. 25


dig this denim shirtdress, it’s almost like a painter’s smock

Nice Things No. 25


some new stuff from this favourite Spanish designer

Nice Things No. 25 Nice Things No. 25


great minimalist stationery

Nice Things No. 25 Nice Things No. 25

RK Design

a minimalist printable calendar for 2016 (which is only 2.5 months away!!)

Nice Things No. 25

Carmel Goldenthal

a beautiful black leather bag

Nice Things No. 25

Wren & Cooper

a hexagonal bronze mirror (you also get them in other shades)

Nice Things No. 25

Yeti Yoga

cool yoga mats!

Nice Things No. 25


it seems i have a thing for alphabet jewellery.

Nice Things No. 25 Nice Things No. 25

Purple Fish Bowl

they have some really crazy / great stuff. this QE2 dress is my favourite.

Nice Things No. 25

Confetti Riot

sweet hand-printed cushion covers (and other things)

Nice Things No. 25

Susan Simonini

i really love her stuff

Nice Things No. 25Nice Things No. 25

Colette Bream

Kisses good night pillow (for your kid… or for you)

Nice Things No. 25

Sheila Couture

that watermelon sweatshirt, though.

Nice Things No. 25

Emily McDowell

an awkward birthday card – perfect.

Nice Things No. 25



  1. I don’t have a thing for alphabet jewelry, but then I saw my name spelled out in rings, and now I think it’s so fly. Thank you, Miss Moss.

  2. you curate the best stuff! wish i could buy it all, even while living in the states. especially that minimalist furniture and plant hangings… swoon.

  3. You might need to introduce a ‘open all links right now’ function Diana. Will save us all some time :)

  4. Great choices and I hear you, but you get to live in the most beautiful city in the world! With such quirky, stunning, creative & innovative designers in it. Every time I`m in Cape Town I struggle to not spend ALL my money there – to me it would beat online shopping any day!!

  5. I love your blog! thank you for sharing all these beautiful things!
    Just want to point out that dress with the Queen print isn’t designed by purple fish bowl though…
    it is original design by a designer in Shanghai, and their brand is called Tyakasha, and it is quite a popular brand in China.

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