above: Las Vegas Chorus Girl Kim Smith, 1954

it’s a mid week distraaaaaaaacttiiiiiiooooooon! (Oprah voice) hey guys, long time no distraction right? i have been dutifully saving great links left and right, but i feel like the internet has been a bit of a desert for me lately. truth is i wasn’t feeling well for about a week, and then it was my birthday (yay!) and then we went to the beach for the long weekend where there was hardly any reception – so i have been doing non-internet things like sleeping and reading.

i recently decided i want to get into the world of audio books, in an effort to walk more (my theory is that if i am engrossed in a good book i’ll just keep walking, right?) i have had a few great recommendations – like Lolita, which i didn’t think i would actually ever read, but i would certainly listen to Jeremy Irons talking for 11 hours. are any of you ardent audio book fans? got any stellar recommendations to throw my way? if in doubt, there’s always Harry Potter.

(also, i know it’s Friday, but mid-week is more like, a concept, ya know?)

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

Amazing Breastmilk

this is an amazing article. this paragraph astounds me.

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

Are you baby-curious?

for people, like me, who maybe want kids one day.

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

My friend just died. I don’t know what to do.

this advice on grief is beautiful.

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

How to lose weight in 4 easy steps

the best Medium piece i’ve read in a while.

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

The writer dating a woman for the first time

do you guys read The Cut sex diaries? this one is great.

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

33 can’t miss new reads

for your reading list

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

The Power Of The Dog

i just read this over the weekend – it’s great!

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

Brief history of the Royal Family

this is really interesting.

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

Deutschland 83

on my to-watch list

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

How we end up marrying the wrong people

(that Diana photo makes me so saaaad)

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

Ryan Adams and the mansplaining of Taylor Swift

for the record, i prefer the original.

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

Kate Winslet keeps her Oscar in the bathroom

so you can practice your acceptance speech.

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

The little NoPo farmhouse yard

a sweet little garden before & after

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

How to revive old furniture

Monya’s before & after of this old office chair is nuts!

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

How We Live

looks like a great book

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

Sage Living

also looks like a great book

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

In This Skin

beautiful photo story about people and their birthmarks

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

Vinegar hair rinse

have you heard about this?

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

Oprah pin

and some other good ones too

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

Found: the Real Wakefields

the woman from the cover of the Sweet Valley Highs!

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

Every Celebrity Interview

“Have you ever heard of pottery? I’ve been really into it.”

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

How to get more nutrition by pairing foods

whole wheat bread + hummus = a complete protein

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

naked yoga ladies (and other great illustrations)

Mid Week Distraction No. 28

Monday Monday

shop an item by a fresh designer, every Monday.


  1. LOVE your mid-week distractions! Also love audiobooks. Some of my favorites:
    – The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer (fantastic book, even better in audiobook, as the narrator has a real mastery of teenager voices)
    – The Magicians trilogy by Lev Grossman (they call it “Harry Potter for grown-ups”)
    – Without You, There Is No Us by Suki Kim (a journalist pretends to be a teacher at a Christian university in North Korea–tells all)
    -Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll (I think Reese Witherspoon just nabbed the rights to make this a movie?)

  2. there are about a million tabs open in my browser now thanks to this. it’s definitely one of my favorites so far!

    • That just made my day!!! And made me laugh and follow all those links!!! thanks again!

  3. For audibooks – my favorite – here are some recommendations:

    The 100 Year Old Man who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
    Game of Thrones series (they are all done by one man and AMAZING)
    I am the Messenger
    Breakfast at Tiffany’s
    Cloud Atlas


  4. Deutschland 83 is an amazing show! The clothing and decor are just one of the reasons to watch!

  5. That article about sexercise had me crying with laughter.

    I actually really like Austen and Dickens on audiobook. Dickens at least definitely wrote with the expectation his work would be read aloud (precursor to TV), and a lot of the jokes in the text are more obvious when you hear them. It’s easier to get past the ‘old-fashioned’ language and giggle at the silly bits when it’s not text on a page. I find.

  6. Definitely prefer the original too (of 1989) and you’ve just made my pocket app very happy :)

  7. I know your Pinterest for oh my God sooo long and I had to honestly admit that it took my oh my God that long to land in here. Shame on me… But I’m so glad I finally discovered this place :) Will become a regular reader :)

  8. So many good links, thank you!

    I can second Lolita as a book on tape – I listened to it while walking my dog around our neighborhood one summer, and now I think about it every time I walk by this one house with an older car always parked in front. It’s a moving and disturbing book, but out loud was a great read.

    I just finished listening to the Area X trilogy as audiobooks (the library is a great place for them!) and that was quite the set of books. Sort of spooky eco sci-fi, if that category exists. Excellent readers (one of them also read the Hunger Games books, which are 100x better as audiobooks since they are basically scripts already).

    I actually find young adult books are easier to read than the classics when it comes to audiobooks – that way you’re not missing something essential if you’re distracted by doing other things while listening (I listen a lot at work). The Golden Compass series are great audiobooks with full casts. I listened to The Fault in our Stars as an audiobook (not a great one to listen to at work, it turns out…). Though, on the opposite end of the spectrum, Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies were both amazing as audiobooks, what a reader!

    I’m going to stop there, but have fun listening!

  9. These are amazing thank you. I love the breastfeeding and the baby curious articles. The illustrations by Cecile Dormeau made me laugh so much.
    I’m no longer receiving newsletters with your posts. I remember I read once that you were going to reduce them? or was it stop them?
    Thank you Diana!

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