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i have a legitimately solid reason for being slow on the posts this week, and that reason is this. yes! we are expecting a little boy in May next year. one thing no one tells you (or maybe they did, but i didn’t listen) is how very long the wait feels after you see that first positive pregnancy test. all the tests and the scans and just hoping that everything will be okay. we know we are very lucky – and we are so thrilled, excited and nervous at the prospect of welcoming him.

business as usual from next week. till then, a distraction.

Miss Moss Mid Week Distraction No. 29

Mama. an amazing poem by Emi Mahmoud

Miss Moss Mid Week Distraction No. 29

Breast Cancer Cakes. a baker’s story of her breast cancer experience

Miss Moss Mid Week Distraction No. 29

Career of Evil. currently reading, can’t put it down

Miss Moss Mid Week Distraction No. 29

Mama Tried. should probably get this now

Miss Moss Mid Week Distraction No. 29

Casual. my new favourite show. this scene.

Miss Moss Mid Week Distraction No. 29

Master of None. Aziz Ansari’s own show on Netflix, coming soon

Miss Moss Mid Week Distraction No. 29

Define. a new magazine from Amanda Jane Jones

Miss Moss Mid Week Distraction No. 29

selling donated vintage t-shirts back to Americans to support the Kenyan textile industry

Miss Moss Mid Week Distraction No. 29

i love these beautiful printed silk scarves inspired by Northern and Western Africa

Miss Moss Mid Week Distraction No. 29

i love this dress

Miss Moss Mid Week Distraction No. 29

that gold extractor fan! (that house though)

Miss Moss Mid Week Distraction No. 29

this is the funniest thing i’ve seen in a while, i actually cried laughing.

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  1. Congratulations- very exciting news! I hope you are feeling well!! I wanted to let you know that when I go to your primary website the most recent post that pops up is always those cacti coasters- I am not sure why! Just wanted to let you know. Happy Halloween!

    • oh thanks for letting me know – must be a caching problem! try to hard refresh your browser if you can.

  2. Wow Diana!

    I don’t know you, yet I am super happy for you guys! How nice.
    I just had my first babe in march and I can say it’s a thrill and a blessing. Raising boys..oof what a responsibility we have.

    All the love and I’m sure all his rompers will be striped!


  3. It’s quite funny, every time you don’t post as often as usually I think you are pregnant. This time I was right :)

  4. First of all – amazing news and Congratulations! Yay to life!

    Second of all – that P O E M. Whoa. Powerful. Thank you as always.

    I love this blog, I’m lik obsessed


  5. Wow, congratulations! What a cool life you’ll be able to create and mold. Wishing you and Anton all the best.

  6. I noticed several posts about babies, breastfeeding in the past mid week distractions… I suspected you might be pregnant : ) Maybe because we are expecting a baby too.
    Congratulations Diana!

  7. Diana, I am delighted to hear the good news! We are also expecting our little boy for this Spring and I am really looking forward to living this experience in parallel with you while patiently . :) Sending all the love from Mexico.

  8. omg, c o n g r a t s ! babies are the best thing ever, coming from a mom of a little boy who’s about to turn 2.5 yrs old. hope you’re doing well!

  9. Congrats Diana!! That’s wonderful news! I have a 3 year old boy now but it seems like yesterday he was a wee babe… also, thank you so much for sharing my breast cancer cakes post. All the best to you! xo

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