photo by Allan Grant for LIFE, 1947.

damn, i actually wanted to post this new music mix on Friday, but somehow we had a seemingly city-wide internet blackout that lasted a couple of days. that sounds ridiculous, right? that’s cause IT IS. well now you can kick off your week with a finely tuned mix (finely tuned because i had 3 days to listen to it, sans internet). there is some great new music out there right now!

my current favourite is EL VY (pronounced El-Vai, like the plural of Elvis) which is a project by The National frontman Matt Berninger. strangely i have never been a National fan – much to the dismay of everyone i ever say this to – but i like his voice in a happier, more upbeat context. i also loooooooooooove Maximum Balloon and the new track is wonderful. also there’s another new album by Beach House. i mean, two new albums in the space of a few weeks! it’s not included in the mix, but have a listen to it anyway. listen two ways below…

note: the Hot Chip cover of Dancing in the Dark is not in the 8tracks playlist – so i highly suggest you listen on Spotify instead! also the Kurt Vile version is unfortunately different.


  1. I always look forward to your music mixes and have found many of my favorite bands through them. I just want you to know how appreciated they are. They are always so good, I don’t know how you do it!

  2. Thanks for sharing, I always love your mixes! I’m absolutely stoked about EL VY because I do happen to be a huge The National fan, and Hot Chip’s Dancing In The Dark mashed up with LCD’s All My Friends is just too perfect for words.

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