i was conflicted about doing this post because the one thing i feel weird about is “designing” your kid’s life, or creating a remotely instagrammeable lifestyle for your kid. on the other hand i think some kids things are pretty sweet, and i find myself straying into kidswear departments pretty often now that we are expecting one. we are already receiving thoughtful baby gifts and being asked what the nursery will look like – and a big part of me wants to say hey hey hold your horses, it’s not even out of my body yet, can we NOT do this?

perhaps i just need to get over myself, and that’s where this post come in. i also find myself physically recoiling from a lot of the kids stuff that’s out there these days, so this is also an effort to show that there’s hope at the end of the neon disney shaped tunnel. (try not to roll your eyes too hard at me, parents)

i like all these illustrated decals by Durido:

Miss Moss: Kids Things

the cutest simple bedding by Ndoto:

Miss Moss: Kids Things

the African mobile has my heart, but all of Patricija’s mobiles are amazing:

Miss Moss: Kids Things

macaroni tee because of course:

Miss Moss: Kids Things

ABC paper storage bin for toys and such:

Miss Moss: Kids Things

don’t grow up!

Miss Moss: Kids Things

all of the Big Stuffed animals are just the best:

Miss Moss: Kids Things

little bear romper:

Miss Moss: Kids Things

where’s Wally?

Miss Moss: Kids Things

Plaid Boy:

Miss Moss: Kids Things

paper puppets by Furze Chan:

Miss Moss: Kids Things

an ice-cream mobile:

Miss Moss: Kids Things

print by Judy Kaufmann:

Miss Moss: Kids Things

Bruno the Monkey:

Miss Moss: Kids Things

toy chests:

Miss Moss: Kids Things

wood balancing game by Des Enfantillages (but all their toys are cute)

Miss Moss: Kids Things

who can resist these baby booties

Miss Moss: Kids Things

funny people riding funny animals mobile, by Faye Moorhouse:

Miss Moss: Kids Things


  1. Everything, everything here is too adorable. I’m looking at the bear face romper as a gift for a friend’s little one!

  2. diana!

    okay, i’m six years in on this whole motherhood thing and i will offer no advice, (a hearty congratulations, though!), and a quick, personal outlook, as it’s dawned on me over time:

    until the babe has input on what he/she loves/loathes/desires/is attracted to – you’re absolutely at the helm of ‘designing’ what the child’s life looks like; no one else needs to see it, but it’ll look like what you love. and it’ll be gorgeous. and then, at about 3 – he’ll say, LOUD & CLEAR, “no, mama!”. and off to the neon part of the disney store, or whatever else is out there, you’ll go. it’ll be so much fun. :)

    also, everything here is amazing. as per usual.

  3. no shame at all in trying to avoid disney/character stuff. like B. said you’ll have years ahead of you that they’ll actually care so keep filling your house with stuff you actually LIKE! babies are awesome, almost as awesome as their accessories :)

  4. Emmanuelle Reply

    Hello i would like to present you my friend Erica from Montréal (Canada) who do amazing dolls. I send you her facebook link.: “Raplapla”. I think you will love her work. Sorry for my english. I’m french and my english is so so.

  5. I say go for it while you can. My boys let me know, firmly, around 6 or 7 that my style was not theirs!

  6. Congratulations!! We just had our first baby three weeks ago, I had no idea what I was getting into, but the second I met him everything came naturally. I can’t even put into words how precious the first weeks are. What I’ve learnt so far: reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth really helped me prepare for labour, I read it really early on and ended up re-reading it a couple times, I would highly recommend it no matter what your views giving labour are. Newborns grow out of things very quick, they also make a lot of dirty laundry, and Brining Up Bebe was a reassuring and enlightening read as well. Motherhood comes naturally, enjoy every minute!

    • Your kid is eventually going to want that thing you just hate, believe me. But until then, think of your choices for them as teaching moments. You are exposing them to beautiful things, and things you can like together. One of my great joys is buying beautifully illustrated children’s books, because we can enjoy them on so many levels (and I still love to look at them, 100 reads in). I feel like I am exposing my daughter to good art, and that is something we can both enjoy. So I say buy all those beautiful things that speak to you, because they will speak to your child, too.

    • Yes read it! I know the post is not about birth! But best prep you can do for it

  7. Oops, totally lost the correct comment box on this tiny phone screen! I didn’t mean to reply to Amanda’s comment. But congrats on your new little one, Amanda!

  8. AH! I love baby stuff. These are so cute, and really a lot more stylish (read:not ToysRUs) and I love them. The cool thing about most of these is that they seem really DIY friendly. I think I could make that mobile! Ha I’ll wait till I have kids ;)

    PS: is it weird that I want Bruno the monkey for myself? He’s so cute!

  9. Although everything individually looks very plain from what I also like very much , but together it just looks amazing.

  10. I’m pregnant right now too, just a few months further along, and love all the stuff you’ve found! Every veteran mom keeps telling me I’ll need a brightly colored giant electric swing, exersaucer, etc. and I find them hideous! I just can’t imagine them in my house, even though they tell me I’ll need them for my sanity. Have you found any decent-looking versions of those? Just curious! Maybe it’s more of an American thing to be told you need all that gear – or for the only options to be garish and ugly. (We got a Baby Bjorn bouncer chair and I’m crossing my fingers that Baby will be content with that!)

  11. More curated baby and kid things please! I have a 6 month old and have searched for a cute but colorful mobile for months (including on etsy) only to find one here! And I agree with the other mamas- you get what you like for now. Unless you have full time help you’ll be way to busy to be instagramming all day when your babe arrives. A cute outfit can make those sleepless nights more tolerable :)

  12. love all of these and their quiet simplicity! so charming. i know what you mean, having those designer-y products for your kids to have the “perfect” bedroom and such. but the reality is that they’ll be gifted some things you won’t like and it’s true, soon they’ll want those cartoon characters everywhere! enjoy the early stages of the baby’s room before their toys take over ;-)

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