oh man, it’s that time of year again! lunar calendars are really big like year. like, huge. as big as a super moon perhaps. what i would really like is a calendar based on the Japanese seasons, after reading this article that a friend sent to me. Japan has 72 microseasons, with names like “rotten grass becomes fireflies” and “hens start laying eggs”. so cool.

but, you know, the moon is cool too. click on the calendars to be taken directly to the shop.

PS: a note regarding the lunar calendars, before you buy anything make sure the calendar suits your timezone. as reader Ali pointed out, “Here in Australia, the days are all around 1 day off!”.


they have a few types, but the huge notepad version is my favourite.

Best 2016 Calendars Best 2016 Calendars

Astrology Wall Calendar

by Chelsey Dyer

The Best 2016 Calendars

Illustrated Calendar by Papio Press

great illustrations. they also have a single page calendar.

The Best 2016 Calendars

Good Deeds Calendar

a desk calendar designed to help you add good deeds in your life

The Best 2016 Calendars The Best 2016 Calendars

DIY Bills Calendar

handy for people who have paper bills. they also have a No Expiry calendar, for anytime of year.

The Best 2016 Calendars

Typographic Wall Calendar

a simple wall calendar with full moon stickers (love this one!)

The Best 2016 Calendars The Best 2016 Calendars

Present & Correct

the best stationery shop obviously also has the best calendars & planners. index card calendar:

The Best 2016 Calendars

masking tape calendar:

The Best 2016 Calendars

stamp wall planner:

The Best 2016 Calendars

Calendars by Kristina Krogh

eternal favourites. available in beige + gold and grey + copper.

The Best 2016 Calendars

Alice in Wonderland Calendar

by Rifle Paper Co.

The Best 2016 Calendars

Lunar Calendar

by Caitlin Keegan

The Best 2016 Calendars The Best 2016 Calendars

Julia Kostreva Planners

so many to choose from.

The Best 2016 Calendars The Best 2016 Calendars

Flower Calendar

by Anna Gleeson

The Best 2016 Calendars

Moon Cycle Calendar

so many moons…

The Best 2016 Calendars

Frankie Calendar

always filled with great illustrators.

The Best 2016 Calendars

Stendig Calendar

a classic.

The Best 2016 Calendars

Gold Foil Calendar

for a bit of sparkle.

The Best 2016 Calendars

Lunar Calendar

by Jen Collins

The Best 2016 Calendars

Calendars by Durido

a wide variety to choose from.

The Best 2016 Calendars

Lunar Calendar

by The Far Woods

The Best 2016 Calendars

Nice Jewish Guys

because they deserve their own calendar.

The Best 2016 Calendars

Calendar by Cocorrina

a bonus (and free!) printable calendar

The Best 2016 Calendars

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  1. I just bought Frankie Magazine cause the December issue comes with an amazing wallplanner and I was already missing the 2015 one. :)

  2. Love this! For the last few years, I’ve found my next calendar through your favorite picks and gift guide posts. I suppose my Miss Moss calendar selection has become an annual tradition :)

  3. Ooh the Japanese one sounds like such a great idea! I’m gonna have to look into that.

  4. Love all of these! Thanks, Diana! Will you be coming out with your gift guides this year?

  5. Oh, hooray! It’s always so fun finding new calendars – I’ll get to pick a good one for the office. This will be our third year using the One Canoe Two giant wall calendar, which is so fun and perfect in our kitchen.

  6. Miss Moss!

    I love love these recommendations!

    Just in case all your other readers too, the lunar calendars might not be exactly right depending on your time zone. Here in Australia, the days are all around 1 day off! Such a shame, because the posters are so beautiful.


  7. Love these!! (and so in love with Julia Kostreva planners – need one in my life!!!)

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