i am completely obsessed with these beautiful sculptural lights by Home Adventures, a personal project by Barcelona based design studio Álvaro Goula / Pablo Figuera. just have a look at them spinning at their online shop – it’s completely mesmerising! Lines & Dots has its origins from dozens of ink drawings, which you can see in this post. i would actually love the drawings as prints.

Lines & Dots is a pendant light fitting in which the light, its basic element, relinquishes all its importance to the material, the metal, in this particular case working as would a sculptor. Lines & Dots has its origins in dozens of ink drawings. From those abstract silhouettes there emerged a series of eight shapes, given form using folding rods and soldered by hand by local craftsmen. Eight different modules which are combined using the cable as a pivot. Sculptural light fitting that creates a contrast between shadows and light, transparency and opacity, movement and immobility and whose source of light is an adjustable led, which gives off a warm light and incorporates state of the art technology.

all available at their online shop. they currently only ship to the UK & Europe.

Lines & Dots Lines & Dots Lines & Dots Lines & Dots Lines & Dots Lines & Dots Lines & Dots Lines & Dots Lines & Dots Lines & Dots Lines & Dots Lines & Dots Lines & Dots Lines & Dots Lines & Dots Lines & Dots

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  1. Think I’m obsessed too! I would find them even beautiful if they weren’t lights, but just sculptures :D Love their modern and slightly playful look and also the concept illustrations are very beautiful.

  2. Oh my gosh, they’re stunning!!! If I had my own place they’d definitely be something I would want to buy.

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