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what do we have here, a mid week distraction that’s actually in the middle of the week? truth be told my days are kind of jumbled at the moment, as we race headlong towards the end of the year. i only have 6 more working days left before we fly across the country to start our summer holidays! also, the bump has made an appearance. that definitely calls for a distraction…

oh, by the way, Serial is back with season 2. and have you seen the BFG trailer?

Mid Week Distraction No. 29

100 notable books of 2015

covering fiction, poetry & non-fiction

Mid Week Distraction No. 29

Best Books of 2015

the annual list from Goodreads

Mid Week Distraction No. 29

Meet King Bansah

Part-Time Monarch, Full-Time Auto Mechanic

Mid Week Distraction No. 29

The Chanel of Africa

a small town factory in the Netherlands is the birthplace for African haute couture

Mid Week Distraction No. 29

why i’m trapped in Tokyo forever

“as if someone spilled an entire bag of buildings all over the place”

Mid Week Distraction No. 29

little kids in Japan are very independent

they take the subway and run errands alone, no parent in sight.

Mid Week Distraction No. 29

How to calm a crying baby

“the hold”

Mid Week Distraction No. 29

My child has a pacifier, I have an iPhone

“what if someone emails me something nice and I don’t read it and so my day isn’t changed for the better?”

Mid Week Distraction No. 29

Lost my name

the sweetest personalised kids books

Mid Week Distraction No. 29

Mini Collection

Everlane launches a kids collection… uh oh.

Mid Week Distraction No. 29

Decorate your cacti

Christmas tree alternatives

Mid Week Distraction No. 29

Leslie Knope mug

the perfect gift for every over achiever

Mid Week Distraction No. 29

Tailor Swift


Mid Week Distraction No. 29

Man who has it all

what if men were spoken to exactly like women?

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  1. Hi! I love your posts and have been a long-time follower of your blog :)

    I saw the tea and consent video, and started to do a google search on the topic and actually came across this article that explains where the analogy fails and how it is not all that simple:

    It’s a very interesting read and I’m hoping that the link would serve as a good resource for anyone that was interested and wanted to explore the issue further.

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