i decided to title this post Jim Jams because that’s what i call pyjamas. no, i’m not five. but it’s easier than trying to decide if i should go with the British spelling of pyjamas or the wholly more sensible American spelling of pajamas. PJs, jim jams, pyjamas, pajamas, sleepwear – whatever you call it, do you wear it? i technically don’t. every night i throw on leggings and a vest. i don’t like anything bulky (can’t sleep in t-shirts) or with buttons. that’s why pyjama sets have never appealed to me.

Pajamas, Pyjamas (Potatoes, Potahtoes)

but since the pregnancy i have felt constricted by my growing belly and body, and sleep has become a precious asset… i went through a weird growth spurt a couple of weeks ago that left my ribs so sore that i had to lie on a mountain of pillows, and yet no position was comfortable. (does ANYONE out there who has been pregnant gone through the same painful ribs experience? when women ask about my pregnancy and i tell them the rib story they all look at me like i am crazy!) i have also started waking up around 5.30am every morning, which i don’t mind – i understand my body is preparing me for sleepless nights and early mornings.

Pajamas, Pyjamas (Potatoes, Potahtoes)

anyway so, maybe it’s time to get more comfortable? perhaps silk pajamas are the way to go. while i was researching pajamas (yes, my work is very important) i came across Sleeper – they have really cool pajama sets, robes and even “pajama suits” that you can ostensibly wear from day to night… i am, perhaps, not cool enough to pull that off. here are a bunch of pajamas i like though.

Pajamas, Pyjamas (Potatoes, Potahtoes) Pajamas, Pyjamas (Potatoes, Potahtoes) Pajamas, Pyjamas (Potatoes, Potahtoes) Pajamas, Pyjamas (Potatoes, Potahtoes)

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  1. gorgeous – *love* the sleeper stuff, have been on the hunt for a robe that doesn’t look grandmotherly for a while. (having said that, though, my actual grandmother wore a leopard print robe right up until the last, so maybe ‘grandmotherly’ is no bad thing!) thanks, diana! and hope the ribs calm down soon.

  2. Love this collection you’ve put together. My favorite is probably the Cameo Rose Pajama from Sleepers. I’m not the biggest fan of buttons neither, but these look gorgeous! I never find sleepware this beautiful AND simple in stores here. They always are so “cute” and somehow childish or overloaded with illustrations and patterns that I don’t like. Think I need to do some online shopping in this case.

  3. Absolutely had major rib pain. Sometimes sharp shooting pain that knocked the wind out of me. Also youre not allowed to lay on your back, cant lay on your front, and its best (apparently) to lay on your left but everytime I did that my baby boy would kick and punch me as though I was laying on him. So I could only sleep on my right. I would wake up every night between 2 and 3 and had insomnia until 5am and had to be up for work at 6. Luckily I had no morning sickness but basically from pregnancy through to the first 3 months postpartum I was a zombie. Thank goodness month 4 and onwards now to almost 7months my baby slept through. Be prepared for your life never to be the same again. In the first month you wont know who you are, after 3 months the niggles are out and your baby is the most amazing smiling, laughing, babbling child. It’s really something crazy, horrendous, amazing and beautiful.

    • i’ve always been a side sleeper, but funnily enough i now often wake up on my back. and then my thigh is numb because of nerve compression. sigh.

  4. Oh my goodness I had the same rib aches when I was pregnant. My little boy stretched out my ribcage whilst he was growing happily inside my stomach, and now my bra’s have to be a bit bigger around.
    The little bundles of joy don’t even consider the hell they put our bodies through! haha. Good luck to you, and I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes wonderfully.

  5. The cold is finally coming to Paris and I was just thinking about PJs! Didn’t know about Sleeper, I really love their products. Don’t know how long I will be able to resist their robe ;)

    Best, and good luck for the pregnancy!



  6. They all look so comfortable! And I love the slippers on the Sleeper models.
    I am pregnant with my second child right now (due in February). A couple months ago, I was convinced the baby had cracked my ribs – they hurt so much! I didn’t have the same pain with my first pregnancy… which is why I suppose they say no two are the same :)

    • i think sometimes the baby’s position can also have something to do with it. pregnancy is WEIRD.

  7. Ack! The rib pain!!! My baby actually dislocated one of my lower ribs during my pregnancy and it was terrible. The best tip I received from my doula was to reach up and hang from a doorframe to stretch out the muscles/ribs and create more space to relieve some of the pain. It really helped on the worst days.

    • oh wow, i heard about that happening!! i actually did hang from door frames a few times and it seemed to help, but really i just had to wait it out (luckily the pain has since subsided…)

  8. OMG my husband and I used to say that the baby was ‘eating ribs’ again when she was kicking there. So painful and definitely to do with the babys position. The day after she was born I was watching her legs move on the bed, and suddenly recognised the exact tempo of her kicks coinciding with the flashes of rib pain. Such a funny thing. Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy! x

  9. shannon karas Reply

    hey, beautiful round up! i also say jim jams and then get really silly and say jimmies or jim-jama-lamas! :)

  10. Have you seen Claudia Moruzzi’s luxury sleepwear range in SA yet? She also speaks about sleep being a precious asset – she seems to have designed the whole range around the whole concept. The designs are nostalgic and all-natural fabrics. I bought one of her kimonos last year, which has been such a winner http://www.claudia-moruzzi.com

  11. how funny, i just ordered my first pair of pajamas from jcrew as they were on sale… thought i’d try them! though it’s been too cold here, haven’t put them on yet, haha. the sleeper ones does look especially cozy.

    i vaguely recall the sore ribs as my little guy got really big and ran out of space. hopefully your little one will move around and find a position that’s more comfy for you! ugh, sleeping was rough… especially towards the end. good luck getting some zzz’s!

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