above: ceramic coconut bowl by Cristaseya.

if i am ever in a homeware store with Anton and i start wandering towards the coffee mugs i think he breaks into a cold sweat, screaming internally don’t buy any more mugs. but you see – i want all of the mugs. specifically i want a collection of odd mugs, weird ones and cool ones and handmade ones. i want to be like one of those crazy aunts who has a variety of mugs and she asks you, “which one would you like, dear?” here are some mugs, and other ceramics, that i like.


  1. Caitlin Confidential Reply

    Why are mugs so satisfying? SO many beautiful ceramic pieces. Heath Ceramics in Los Angeles make some nice ones as well!

    Caitlin Confidential | Caitlin Confidential

  2. SO. MUCH. PRETTY. I honestly can’t choose my favourite out of these, although the Saint Karen ones have lovely handles!

  3. I’m so happy to read I’m not the only crazy mug lady. The newest members of my collection are from Pols Ceràmic and i can’t wait for them to arrive on Monday :)

  4. It’s so true! I love a variety of handmade mugs / plates etc too, and it’s so fun to pick different ones in the morning depending on your mood :) little joys. Love it


  5. I love the coconut mug, that’s the most creative thing I’ve ever seen. Coconut coffee, that’ something new. Thanks for sharing all the ceramic colours and shapes, it’s inspiring!

  6. Oh thank god it isn’t just me! I have had to designate my mugs for different times, beverages just to make them useful….. morning mug, evening mug, hot chocolate mug….afternoon tea mug when I’m feeling melancholy.

  7. I too am mug obsessed! I nearly moved to New Orleans a few weeks ago because I was so enticed by a coffee shop with a ceramics studio… they have ceramics classes and make their own mugs! How ideal, right? In other mug news, I bought this mug at a sale at Bauer Pottery here in Los Angeles, and it it the most satisfying thing to hold! Highly recommend it. http://bauerpottery.com/coffee-mug.html

  8. Finally, someone else who understands my mug obsession! I’ve totally had that thought about being the crazy aunt/friend/mom/grandma and I’m totally okay with it. Every time I go to Target I find myself unconsciously wandering into the mug aisle, casually counting all the ones already on my shelf. And my guilty pleasure after a long day at work is to hit up Goodwill for all the $0.25 mug gems that strike my fancy. I think we’re well on our way to crazy mug aunt status.

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