Tinker is a sort of a choose your own adventure watch brand. you pick the size, strap colour and finish you want – and that’s the watch you get. it’s fun building your own watch… i think i would pick the smallest face, in gold, with a blush pink strap. or black! or navy?? like many good things in this world it was started by a bunch of people who couldn’t find the watch they wanted.

We wanted a watch that was clean and timeless without being too serious, thoughtfully-detailed without overt branding, attainably-priced yet still well-constructed; a watch that was for the every person and every occasion – accessible online without noise or fuss. We couldn’t find one. So we designed one ourselves. We started sourcing – scouring tanneries from the U.S. to Australia, finding factories in China that machine the highest-grade steel, and testing movements from Japan to Switzerland.

build your own watch here. and if you do, enter the code MISSMOSS and you’ll get a free additional strap with your purchase – till the end of January. thanks, Tinker.

Tinker watches Tinker Tinker Tinker Tinker Tinker


  1. If only they had a face that didn’t have a second hand… I don’t like watching the seconds tick away… lots of vintage ladies watches are sans the dreaded second hand, and some swatch watches, but gosh I’d love something sharp and modern…

  2. Clair, try daniel wellington. No second hand. Pretty, sleek and modern.

  3. Perhaps a Tinker watch is the answer to my gift-giving dilemma. My husband has needed a new watch for years, but I didn’t want to get him one that looked exactly like the ones his coworkers wear. Thanks for the tip! I’m headed to the site now.


  4. I LOVE that this face doesn’t have any branding on it…that is the one reason I haven’t gone for a watch from The Horse or Daniel Wellington. Sticking with my Uniform Wares watch for now, but they have gotten SO PRICEY in the last year or so. Pleased to see another option.

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