Daniel Coves is a Spanish artist who has some prestigious accolades behind his name, including being selected for the BP Portrait award & having his work exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London (one of my favourite museums in the world). his meticulous figurative paintings capture moments suspended in time, drawing influence from cinema. i particularly like his Back Portraits.

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  1. Those are incredible!
    Ones are situated in real environments, like in the kitchen and everything and in way they are speaking of how are people living there.
    Others are situated in nowhere, more or less plain grey as the background. I like the way it extracts how people are having their hair cut and posits a question what it expresses.

    On the third hand, those are minimalistic in terms of what is being presented and thus maybe work a bit like thematic apperception test, where you are confronted with some images and you project meaning onto them. For me, there’s a lot of sadness and lonlieness in those paintings and hidden pain. If I am thinking correctly, that perhaps says something about how I see the world and people in it.
    Lots of words I produced,, but the images themselves speak volumes.

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