Above: diaper backpack by One Duo.

fun fact, we don’t call them diapers – we call them nappies. so really, it’s a nappy bag. but for the sake of the internet i’m going to switch to the American version here.

soooooooo, diaper bags! yeeeesh. that’s basically my reaction whenever i even think about this thing i have to get. mostly because i have not seen anything locally (in south africa) that i would want to use. i don’t get it – diaper bags are worn and used by the mom or dad, why would i want to carry something around that’s pastel or bright pink or covered in little bears or any other such nonsense? and if they’re not child themed, they look like some kind of hideous Louis Vuitton / Gucci knock off that’s supposed to be, i don’t know, “chic”? no thanks.

i have found some diaper bags – actually, backpacks – that i think are nice, non-ugly and practical. why backpacks? because i’m assuming that with a child and a pram and a bunch of other things on your mind (and in your arms) a heavy bag on a long strap slung over your shoulder is just going to get in the way. i like the idea of backpacks too because they are unisex enough that the dad can carry it around without feeling like a chop.

i was most convinced by this theory because of the Storq carryall, which has been sold out foreeeever, but was just restocked!!

Storq Carryall Storq Carryall

the Honest Co. have really nice, simple backpacks that come in silver, black and beige. into it:

Honest Co. diaper backpack Honest Co.

this is probably the one i’m most likely to buy (though they don’t ship to SA! waaa). it’s by Bebamour and is available in three colours (beige, khaki and orange) on Amazon:

Bebamour diaper backpack

a good lookin’ backpack by a swedish brand called Kaos:

Kaos diaper backpack

i like these vintage looking diaper backpacks by Olliday, available in navy, peach and red (those straps in the front are magnetic closures, so you don’t have to fasten and unfasten each time)

Oliday diaper backpack

a cute dotted number by Ogg Design:

Ogg diaper backpack

this diaper backpack by One Duo is a close second for me after the Bebamour (they ship to SA, yay!)

OneDuo diaper backpack

a very fancy looking diaper backpack by Skip Hop (also sold through Amazon)

Skip Hop diaper backpack

“omg look how happy we are with our diaper backpack, yay!”

Skip Hop diaper backpack

a cutie of a backpack by Oh Joy for Target:

Oh Joy diaper backpack

and there’s a wide variety of diaper backpacks over at Twelve Little:

Twelve Little diaper backpacks

a reader on Facebook suggested the classic Fjallraven Kånken backpacks, and even though they aren’t diaper bags (no fancy inner pockets and such) the fact that they zip open completely and also have handles is great. and SO MANY COLOURS! you can buy them on Amazon.

Fjallraven Kånken


  1. You rounded up some really nice backpack ones- no easy feat! I looked and looked but couldn’t find anything cute that was available in Australia. There are so, so many ugly options it’s ridiculous. Why chevrons?????!!!!! I ended up buying an adult tote bag that I liked, and it worked out well. If I’m going out for a while I use the pram, so I just shove it underneath.

  2. I wish this had come out last year! What a great set of picks.
    For another option in the Fjallraven line (so great bag, but no diaper specific pockets) is their totepack.
    I’ve been using it for about 6 months now and it’s great. It goes easily between a tote bag and backpack, which is so handy. It’s a good size, well-made, is waterproof and doesn’t scream “diapers!” (nor “nappies!”)

    But now that I’ve seen this round up, my eyes are starting to wander. How cute is that one duo!?

  3. So funny to see this on here today–my husband and I just started our registry this weekend (our first is due in June!) and were lamenting the choices of diaper bags. We are liking the Fjallraven Totepack No. 1, which can be carried on the shoulder, in the hand, or as a backpack. Now I’m wondering if it won’t have enough inner pockets…

  4. I think so many people are going to wish they read this post before!
    I spent a lot of time searching for one too! : ) I was about to buy a normal back and use it as a “diaper” bag.
    Just keep in mind when you buy one that it would be easier if it hangs on the stroller. To have on your back for 5 minutes or 15 minutes is ok, but for 3 hours you will end up dead.
    I saw that you one you liked have this option.

  5. I absolutely refused to buy a nappy bag because there was no need. You just need a biggish bag, especially if you are not using a bottle for feeding. I also agree with Dina – get something that hangs off the pushchair r can be crammed underneath. I have a feeling somebody gave me a bag which I used for a while and then just switched to my normal big tote. Guess what – you will never, ever need to use the dinky little changing mat that probably slips inside. Just an old muslin will do. This baby business is a racket.

  6. The diaper bag was one of the more expensive baby-accessories and also the most useless. After a month I had enough of lugging the thing around, when I only needed two diapers, wipes, a plastic bag, a muslin cloth and on long outings a change of cloth. All I needed was a “windeltasche” and a small drawstring-bag for the cloth and it fit into any handbag or backpack, in case you do babywearing.

  7. I just use my Rib & Hull tote and have a cosmetic bag (I have a million Clinique gift-with-purchase bags as my sister is a rep) that I fill with nappies/wipes/clothes/rusks.. I can fit 2 kids stuff in the wee bag and then toss it in my bag.. Or under the stroller or into the car..

    I also have a Fjallraven bag that I use sometimes but tbh after 2 kids I am sick of carrying things so much prefer the shoving under the stroller method!

  8. aleksandra Reply

    I have the simplest linen backpack from MUJI and seriously, it does the trick. You need 3 diapers, wet tissues, a snack and a toy, really. I don’t get this hype over diaper bags, it’s just money-making machine to use mom’s nesting syndrome to buy all the things they don’t need but they don’t know it yet. ;)

  9. Jenny Becker Reply

    Another vote for the Fjallraven Totepack! I use it with a skip hop diaper clutch inside. I find it has just enough room for the diaper clutch, a small blanket, nursing cover, water bottle, and my essentials. It also has an interior key ring/lanyard which is a handy pacifier holder ;) Also, a tip- get a good stroller hook (Amazon has a bunch) and you can just hang your bag from there. I have two and use the other for groceries/other purchases. Total game changer for me; I’m more hands-free than ever!

  10. These are lovely. I bought a Baggu backpack after my second was born and its been great. We have a three year old and a nine month old and it carries everything we need, has two zippered pockets for things I don’t want them to access easily and washes in the machine. I carried so much stuff with the first, but now we keep it pretty simple and sometimes only bring a tote. Its so nice to have beautiful bags though too.

  11. You really don’t need a special bag. Find a bag you like that works.

  12. You absolutely have a point re diaper bags covered with cartoons… eek! I’m now convinced with the backpack version and would definitely keep this idea for future reference.

  13. these are all super cute! but i didn’t buy a diaper/nappie bag either… i just used a bag i had and now i use a herschel city backpack in black (which my husband has no problems wearing). i also disliked how expensive all the “diaper” bags were. we just put a little travel changing pad in the backpack and good to go. it is amazing how much stuff you end up having to carry around…

  14. Came here to say I use a Kanken and absolutely love it. I seriously don’t know what parents keep in diaper bags.. I always keep five or six diapers, a change of clothes and a full thing of wipes and it hardly takes up any room. Another thing I love about the Kanken for a diaper bag is 1) The handles on the top clip together and I always clip it around the pushbar of my stroller, and 2) there’s two exterior pockets on either side that fit bottles perfectly. Can’t suggest one of those enough, because eventually you can get the mini/childrens version and be matchy matchy.

  15. I too went for the Kanken by Fjallraven. It’s lightweight, can be hung from the handle bar of the stroller and my boyfriend isn’t averse to wearing it either. It also zips open all the way so you’re not burrowing inside the bag like a hobo. We use it with zip bags from Baggu to compartmentalise our bottles/wipe/nappy situ. That is where I went crazy with patterns!


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