Katerina Belkina for Van Gogh.

Katerina Belkina is a Russian artist, trained in painting and photography, known for her mystical self portraits. i particularly love this series that sees her emulating the masters.

Her works essentially focus on female portraiture. The viewer enters the inner world and sees the world of different state of mind through women’s eyes. In most of her feminine portraits something is conspicuously abstract and dramatic. Belkina is also a skilful digital artist and photo manipulator who manages to give a surreal touch to her works. She arranges several photographic elements into an image which is then manipulated, and sometimes enriched with traditional painting tools to achieve both lifelike and dreamlike atmosphere.

all images courtesy of C.A.M Galeri and Faur Zsofi Gallery

Katerina Belkina for Picasso

for Picasso

Katerina Belkina for Degas

for Degas

Katerina Belkina for Modigliani

for Modigliani

Katerina Belkina for Schiele

for Schiele

Katerina Belkina for Rousseau

for Rousseau

Katerina Belkina for Kahlo

for Kahlo

Katerina Belkina for Klimt

for Klimt

Katerina Belkina for Lempicka

for Lempicka

Katerina Belkina for Gauguin

for Gauguin

Katerina Belkina for Malevich

for Malevich

Katerina Belkina for Pedrov-Vodkin

for Pedrov-Vodkin

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