if this shot of Harrison Ford isn’t a distraction i don’t know WHAT is.

if Harrison doesn’t do it for you, then why don’t you click on any of the links below. i promise there will be something you dig (even my husband reads Mid Week Distractions!)

Valentine’s Day Poems

for married people.

What Romance Means…

…after 10 years of marriage.

A Story of a Fuck Off Fund

“Wait. This story sucks.”


interviews with women who love to read


Behind the masks in West Africa

“It’s more than a mask.”


American G.I.s + English Girls

canoodling in Hyde Park during WWII

A life wild & perilous

read if you enjoyed The Revenant



new Netflix series from Michael Pollan

Chinese paper wrapped sponge cake

these look delicious


a 1970s Chicago condo

groovy & untouched

inside the Louise Bourgeois House

just as she left it



two photographers, two places, 12 hours

that crazy OK Go video

how they made it.


Pier Pressure

(get it?)

Catching Waves

with the silver-haired grannies



a child friendly search engine from Google


Today’s Teens

they are less naughty than you…


Simpsons Screencap Search Engine

“the goggles, they do nothing!”


Double Cleansing

do you know what it is? i’m trying it…

Gluten Free Blender muffins

deceptively healthy


Positive Lexicography

“Uitwaaien (Dutch): walking in the wind for fun or exercise.”



informal township speak translated


  1. I am so confused by “walking in the wind for fun or exercise.” Haha! My favorite section in there is the one on “cosiness,” but that’s probably because I’m currently trapped in a Midwest (northern hemisphere) winter!

  2. Haha uitwaaien –>’walking in the wind’ is a bit literal. It’s more like ‘taking a walk in nature to clear your mind’. Most of the time people use this verb if they are going to the sea.

  3. I am always so excited to see a new one of these. Thanks for the lovely distractions you curate them perfectly!!! Also happy blog birthday!

  4. Great and thoughtful distractions, I bookmarked almost each and every one. :)

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