in the past few years i have only worn gold or bronze jewellery, i don’t know why – i just went off silver after many years of wearing it. now, i feel like i may be swinging back to the lighter side… and no one can convince me more than designer Melissa Hernández who recently launched Serie No.2, the second collection for her jewellery line Coyote Negro (see my first post about the line here).

The series explores jewelry as a wearable sculptural object. Playing around with the dualities between geometric and organic shapes, it transitions from rigid to a more flexible form with the goal of creating a harmony in the body between both. It was inspired by modernism in sculpture, architecture and modernist jewelry from the ’40s to the ’70s. It highlights bold statement pieces mostly in sterling silver and in some, with the option of brass.The collection also involves a small series of 100% merino wool scarves made using the “wet felting” technique, known as the oldest form of fabric making. I thought it would be interesting to highlight its relevancy in modern times.

i also love how scowley the model is. doesn’t she remind you of Parker Posey? photographs by Nosotrus, a studio Melissa runs with her partner, photographer Quique Cabanillas.



  1. natasha s.f.h Reply

    I love the jewelry, I love the scowly model, I love the brazen bra-lessness! <3

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