that’s me up there, navigating March like a tightrope walker. only 3 more weeks and i’ll be on maternity leave, we will move into our new house and soon after welcome the little guy. and, breathe…

never mind all that, here’s a music mix! you can listen to it on Spotify or 8Tracks.


  1. Listening to it at work in Paris, while sun is shinning outside … PERFECT ! Thanks for the great sound

  2. For some reason that I’m too lazy to contemplate, I refuse to create an account on Spotify, but the 8track let’s me listen hassle-free. So thank you for putting your playlists on multiple platforms!

  3. You’re into some good Brooklyn bands – check out music from Sinkane. His last album “Mean Love” is so good :) It’s music you can do anything too.

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