back in the good old days before our currency tanked, and i could actually still shop online, i used to buy quite a lot of things from ModCloth. i’ve always liked the fact that they cater to women of all sizes, and i found so many of their dresses suited my curvier shape (i also looove their maxi dresses).

if you’re a fan then you’d know they have quite a retro aesthetic, and this has always been the focus of their swimwear. when vintage style full piece swimsuits & high waist bikinis became fashionable again – way back when i first started this blog – it was ModCloth that all the girls wore. this one has a whopping 1200 positive reviews.

they’ve since expanded their offering, and their new range has some really fun prints and different cuts to choose from. you can shop the new styles here and all their swimwear here. some of my favourites are below, just click the + to shop.

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Modcloth Swim Modcloth Swim Modcloth Swim Modcloth Swim Modcloth Swim Modcloth Swim Modcloth Swim


  1. I love these! I was just at Target today and thinking…can’t I just wear board shorts? How about that? Yes?

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