i love the idea of solid perfume, mostly because i like having something in my bag that i can reapply during the day without accidentally spritzing some stranger in the face. that’s why i always have this with me – but i think it’s time to find something more substantially fragranced.

Sabé Masson is a range of soft perfumes out of Paris. founder Isabelle Masson-Mandonnaud has a serious fragrance & beauty background, relaunching Sephora with her husband Dominique in the 90s as the try-before-you-buy cosmetics giant it is today.

Our Soft Perfumes are a precious combination of the finest perfumery and natural cosmetic ingredients that are rich in skincare benefits. A perfume nectar that glides over the skin; onto the wrists, inside the elbows, behind the knees, the base and nape of the neck, and the pulse points. Alcohol and paraben-free, Soft Perfumes bring together the pure sensation of perfume with the virtues of skincare, to gently soften the skin.

buy at their online shop or here and, in true Sephora fashion, try samples before you commit…

Sabé Masson Sabé Masson Sabé Masson Sabé Masson Sabé Masson Sabé Masson

they also commissioned photographer Oleg Oprisco, originally from Kiev, to photograph female figures to illustrate each one of their fragrances. love these…

Sabé Masson Sabé Masson Sabé Masson Sabé Masson Sabé Masson Sabé Masson Sabé Masson Sabé Masson Sabé Masson


  1. love the photos by oleg! and so curious to smell/try these… i’m not a huge perfume person as i’m very sensitive to scents (heavily perfumed people just make me sneeze like crazy and i get migraines!), but i wonder if a solid perfume would be different.

  2. i just went to their shop to “look around” and left with fragrances for all the ladies in my life (+ my dad)… Really wonderful post + brand!

  3. Their brand identity is strongly inspired by Diptyque, to say the least..

  4. Design, colour, photography and pattern, all together in one single brand. Pitty I can not feel the fragrances. Thanks for sharing those beauties.

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