i’ve reached the stage now where i’m kind of hate-scrolling through these interior design websites that feature perfectly perfect all white Swedish apartments. you know the type? i used to love them. now i’m just like UGH get away from me! please can i see some more personality and colour!

then this stupidly cute little Swedish chapel conversion stepped into my life and i was like, okay you can stay. the interior is a bit “cottagey” for my liking, but that’s fine cause i’m only going to be using it as my weekend cabin slash artist’s retreat anyway. don’t need anything fancy.


  1. This is beyond dreamy!!! I think I’m in love. Thanks for sharing, Diana!

  2. Yessssssss! It’s my dream to buy an old school or chapel/ church. <3 Extremely white interiors look pretty, but i'd personally feel sad in them. I grew up around so much color, and I wouldn't feel at home.

    These interiors are gorgeous, but i with there were some pops of color in the furniture or something.

    Love the exterior colors and that black door.

  3. Dude I feel you. But I saw this one too and saved it for later :p

  4. Yes!!! I’ve wanted to live in a church since my cousins were married in the sweetest Finnish chapel when I was 8. These pictures make me want to buy a chapel ASAP

  5. Stop. This is so incredible! I feel like I could do anything if I lived here, like write the next Harry Potter or something.

  6. Oh my giddy aunt. I need to win the lottery (that I never do) so I could buy a stunning place like this. Seriously house goals.

  7. I Just write about this in my Last post for the sane reason of yours! I think the same thoughts of you and i ‘ m Very happy to have found your blog on my way! You got the style…keep on so… smilessss from italy ?

  8. Really wonderful and dreamy although after your text I expected to see less white hehe Jokes by side, I really loved it and I’m just going to recommend this feature in my todays’s blogposting. Big hug!

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