above: kaleidoscope cloud blanket.

forgive me, for i am not in my right mind. i am a broody, anxiously waiting mom-to-be. i can’t stop thinking about babies. our baby. we are only a month away from welcoming the little dude, so i’m awake at 2am googling “do i REALLY need a changing table?” (turns out – i don’t) and hovering in the pharmacy’s baby aisle nervously eyeballing maternity pads.

i did TWO instagram posts about what colour to paint our compactum – feel free to weigh in here. clearly, deranged. i already did a post about cute kids things, but really all i can think about are baby things. here are a few quick little things i love.

these knitted blankets. love the hi and the blue heart.

Baby Things Baby Things


Baby Things

the sweetest bloomers

Baby Things Baby Things

sweet Dutch brand Nanami – not operational yet unfortunately!

Baby Things Baby Things

a sunsuit!

Baby Things Baby Things

an AFGHAN HOUND! i mean…

Baby Things

also this polar bear rocker

Baby Things


Baby Things

any of the kids stuff at Spartan

Baby Things Baby Things

a unisex chambray romper (they have cute hats too)

Baby Things

these cloud blankets should come in adult sizes (also cute boppy covers!)

Baby blanket Baby Blanket

am i handy enough to make this DIY baby gym?

DIY baby gym

and a sweet card for anyone expecting a babe

Baby Things


  1. Your bubba would likely be showered with sweet little things and looking v v adorable. Do share the things that you’ve purchased with us!

  2. I just went through all the baby clothes from my family, my parents, and my grandparents…and oh my, cute. The knitted babywear, I can’t even stand it! There’s a knitted sweatervest with three owls in the front and the back of the on the back of the sweater with ribbon tails! I can’t even. So much adorable.

  3. Wow! You really could go mad, so many lush things to buy. My firstborn is 14 now, hard to believe, but internet shopping hadn’t really taken off back then, and there wasnt really such a market for nursery decor… I missed out!

  4. I’m expecting a baby in July, and I’m following your baby posts with great interest!

  5. Thank you for sharing my unisex chambray romper!!! I created a coupon code just for your readers, use MISSMOSS for 10% off <3 -Anne from Bertie Bums

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