there’s nothing cuter than a kiddo wearing a hand-knitted jersey, especially if it’s been made by someone special like mom or granny. if you don’t have any knitters in the family perhaps check out the new nido kids AW16 range. see my previous posts about nido here.

nido-kids-1 nido-kids-7 nido-kids-5 nido-kids-8 nido-kids-3 nido-kids-0 nido-kids-15 nido-kids-16 nido-kids-9 nido-kids-12 nido-kids-13 nido-kids-4 nido-kids-6 nido-kids-10 nido-kids-2 nido-kids-14


  1. Ohhh! love Nido sweaters! and this collection remember me my little sweaters knitted by my grandmother. <3
    kisses from Argentina :)

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