aah it’s always so wonderful for me to see new work from long favourite designers. Marisa Howard of Seaworthy has just added some sterling silver pieces to her latest collection, Gravity. i looooove those large hoop earrings.

Sterling silver has a rich history, dating back to the 12th century. I’ve been drawn to as a designer because it’s more forgiving for sensitive skin and can create a lifetime piece without the cost of gold. Plus, summer is here in the states and it’s the perfect compliment to sun-kissed skin.

see my previous posts about Seaworthy here, and shop the collection here (you can order pieces in either brass or silver). photography by are by Mikola Accuardi, modelled by Cassondra Pitz, styled by Marisa Howard.


  1. Have you ever seen an Almodovar movie? I don’t know why but you remember me a lot that ambient.

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