there are so many great things on Etsy these days, i find myself browsing the app when i am nursing at 2am… anyone else do weird things when they are up with their baby in the middle of the night? if i’m not browsing Etsy then i’m scrolling through Pinterest or googling any manner of baby things on the netmums forums (which is a weird place sometimes, especially at 2am). anyway, here are some new favourite goodies.

fox & ramona

Fox & Ramona Fox & Ramona Fox & Ramona

mossery co

you can personalise these!

Mossery Co Mossery Co Mossery Co

Odelia Arnold

odelia-arnold-1 Odelia Arnold Odelia Arnold


Calyer Ceramics

Calyer Ceramics

Loom + Field

Loom + Field Loom + Field Loom + Field Loom + Field

Stationery Boutique

business card stamp


Beardbangs Beardbangs Beardbangs Beardbangs

Talpa Things

Talpa Things Talpa Things


Naptime ring

Minka Inhouse

Minka Inhouse

Seventh Tree Soaps

Cactus Soaps

Son de Flor

sondeblue linen dressflor

Bonbi Forest

Goodies No. 28 Goodies No. 28

Pink Cheeks Studio


La Torna

La Torna La Torna La Torna La Torna

Alphabet Bags

Goodies No. 28


  1. Oh HEY – this reminds me – have you seen Hillery Sproatt’s amazing blankies? Seriously cool stuff.

    Thanks for this roundup – etsy is so crowded with… less-great stuff these days that I need these linky shortcuts.

  2. Hello there

    I love so much stuff on etsy, but I’m worried about the extra duties cost that might be incurred when collecting the stuff here in Cape Town. Has this been exorbitant for you? :)

  3. Hi Diana!
    Thanks so much for including us in your Etsy roundup! We’ve been following your blog for years now so it was such a lovely surprise to see us here, and amongst such great company!
    Best wishes from Paris,
    xx Christine and Pierre

  4. Can someone tell me where the shoes from Loom+Field are from? I’ve just fallen in love with them.

  5. Oh my goodness what a beautiful roundup. Swoon, swoon, swoon. That sperm whale might be the cutest ever.

    Also, at 4 am this morning while I was nursing, I was adding obscure documentaries to my Netflix list, based on some “best documentaries on Netflix” list I was reading. I’ve got documentaries about everything from North Korea to particle physics on there now!

  6. Hi Diana, I find etsy pretty overwhelming sometimes. Any tips when it comes to using the platform?

  7. Hi Diana,
    Your Cape Town City Guide has helped me immensely following my recent move to this beautiful city. I do however have one tiny question; do you know the limit on what one can buy online from overseas before having to pay duty on it? I keep finding different information.


  8. Hi

    I always started a film in the evenings and stopped it about half way.
    When it was time to get up for another feed I was desperate to get back to the film and never minded those night shifts. :-)

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