i’ve been coming across a lot of great linen wear lately, and while i don’t actually own anything made from linen myself it might be time to invest in some key pieces. strangely enough these are all coming out of Lithuania (must be a linen hotspot?). just be careful that you don’t end up looking like the High Sparrow. check out my favourite linen pieces here. Everlane also has great linen stuff.

Blue Naive

Blue Naive Blue Naive Blue Naive Blue Naive Blue Naive


Knock Knock Linen Knock Knock Linen Knock Knock Linen Knock Knock Linen Knock Knock Linen

Knock Knock Linen

Motumo Linen Motumo Linen Motumo Linen Motumo Linen Motumo Linen

Son de Flor

Sondeflor Sondeflor Sondeflor Sondeflor Sondeflor

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  1. Ah, there is nothing like linen, whether nicely pressed or that lovely weathered textured that it eventually all gets. Aside from wearing it and using it around the home, it’s the best thing on which to paint. I love it.

  2. I have a beautiful grey linen dress from Jane Sews I wore to death this past summer. I love me some linen!

  3. Julia LeBano Reply

    love the linen, I’ve been diggin in lately, I’m dying @ High Sparrow omg, God bless ?

  4. Linen’s such a beautiful material. I purchased a couple of shirts from uniqlo and they felt scratchy initially but after a few washes, they are so soft and beautiful. Big big love.

  5. Lately I’ve been coveting the pieces from Not Perfect Linen and these are equally wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  6. These looks are so lovely! I will be investing in some linen peices now! Tha ks for sharing x (lol at the high sparrow XD)

  7. These look really lovely. My problem with linen is it sometimes looks like you’ve just woken up in it, and since I always look like that, I have to steer clear!

    Lovely for others though!

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