i found this interesting article about the American Craft scene in a 1966 copy of LIFE magazine that i feel could have been written today…

The whole movement runs startlingly counter to the drift of our times. Working with the simplest of tools (no electronics), using the oldest materials (no plastics), tending all the work himself from design through execution, the American craftsman today is busier and more highly regarded than he has been in almost a century. A revival of pottery, weaving, woodworking and metalworking is taking place everywhere throughout the U.S.

right? especially considering how popular hand woven tapestries and specialist ceramics are again. the photos were taken by Nina Leen.

Francesca Tyrnauer Francesca Tyrnauer Francesca Tyrnauer American Craft Lenore Tawney Lenore Tawney Lenore Tawney Lenore Tawney Alice Parrott Alice Parrott Alice Parrott Bill Sax Bill Sax Bill Sax Otto & Peggy Holbein Otto & Peggy Holbein Otto & Peggy Holbein Otto & Peggy Holbein Otto & Peggy Holbein American Craft Paolo Soleri Paolo Soleri Paolo Soleri Paolo Soleri American Craft Harvey Littleton Harvey Littleton American Craft American Craft


  1. Yes! I’ve been thinking for a long time about how the current craft resurgence echoes the 70s craft vibe!

  2. Great photos. I wish I could make a living now as a craftsman… dream job.

  3. The 1960s honestly don’t look any different from now, even the fashion! Fascinating photos.

  4. Amazing photos! I’m macrame artist myself and can vote for this coming back trends! I love that after mass production and plastic era we are going back and appreciate old good handmade.

  5. Amy Madeline Reply

    Really amazing photos, so appreciate you sharing this. I love all these crafts, but the pottery and art glass particularly blow my mind. I was born in Northern California in 1966, and my design aesthetic is smack dab in this organic artisan craft style. Truly inspiring. I love the living room photo with the beautiful view past the fireplace and the remarkable chair!

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