a funny thing happens when you have a baby. besides the whole gaining weight and weird postpartum tummy deal, you just dress differently. well – i did. i can honestly say that for the first 10 weeks of his life i wore leggings, nursing tops and oversized checked shirts. that’s ALL. i was in such a daze that when the fog started lifting around week 6 i was like, what am i wearing? and now i am finally starting to wear some normal clothes again. i rejoiced when i fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans, only to have them rip when i bent over (true story). so, we’re still working on it.

and to be honest i’m just not really into fashion right now… until i saw these clothes by Aussie label Caves Collect and then i was suddenly really into fashion again!


  1. Aren’t they amazing! I think I’m pinning all of their Pinterest photos and making screenshots of every single Instagram photo of theirs that I see. Just love them!

  2. Those grey cashmere/wool shorts are THE DREAM. They would be a staple in my closet if they weren’t sold out at the moment!


  3. Those pants are JUST MY STYLE. Except now I’m a teensy bit preggers, and my waist is rebelling against this kind of thing. Already all my high-waisted pants have been put out of service. So no point. I’m walking away. Walking. Away….

  4. Trying on pre-pregnancy jeans makes for a very depressing day. Always a bad idea! Lol.

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